Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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Checkout the following finger-liking dishes during your Vietnam travel

Having survived the pressure of westernization from the rest of the world in this present day and time, Vietnam is surely the ideal place to be when it comes to preservation of their culture and exotic dishes. For all the richness in culture and in this particular case, its food, you never want to miss out on the best you can get.

All dishes in Vietnam are least complicated but highly nutritious not to mention they are easy for anyone to prepare. From the list of all food varieties available in the country, below are just a few mentioned you may want to taste during your Vietnam travel.

Banh Mi: Vietnamese cookery is identified by a lot of French flavors mostly in form of baguettes, vegetables and crepes. This is a form of bread and is a reminder of the French rule. This bread serve features uncooked vegetables, shrimps, pigs liver paste, sausages and some herbs including chili sauce that are served between a baguette.

Mention the national dish and you cannot avoid mentioning ‘pho’, pronounced as, ‘fuh.’ This dish is served with meat, rice noodles and some fresh herbs. But, if you ever hear the locals mention Pho Bo, they mean this dish when prepared with bones of beef and pork and served along with slices of beef. When slices of beef are substituted with chicken, it is called Pho Ga.

Cha Ca: This dish is among popular dishes here and especially among the Hanonians. Interestingly enough there is a street in the city that has been dedicated to this great dish. No wonder on a busy day you will always find thousands of people converged along this street, each of them eating from a fried fish chunks served with herbs like ginger, turmeric, garlic and dill served hot. There are two places from where you can decide to eat this dish comfortably: the Cha Ca La Vong street or at the Duong Than Street which is at the Hoan Kiem district. You wouldn’t want to miss this experience in this exceptional street during your Vietnam travel.

Bahn: this term means cake to Vietnam people and there are many dishes with them that start with the prefix, ‘Bahn.’ For example, the dish Bahn Cuon is made from rice flour but stuffed with minced pork and the wood ear mushroom. If you ever get to hear of ‘Bahn Xeo,’ know that it is a version of this meal prepared from pork, bean sprout and ingredients like shrimp. Alternatively, you can call this meal, ‘crepe.’

Bahn Chung: have you ever supplemented your great lunch with a sweet delicacy? Well, that’s exactly the experience you will get with this kind of dish. It is made from pork, rice and green beans paste that are wrapped in bamboo leaves. The natives here regard it as an offering to the ancestors, which makes you eager to taste a piece of it during your travel to Vietnam.

With all these natural dish varieties plus health benefits you stand to rip from them, you definitely want to taste at least one of them if not all during your Vietnam travel.

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