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How to get Vietnam visa for citizen of Saint-Barthélemy


• Complete Name: Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy

• Native Name: Saint-Barthélemy

• ISO-Code: BLM

• Dependent from: France

• Capital: Gustavia

How to get Vietnam visa for citizen of Saint-Barthélemy

A brief guide to the Saint-Barthélemy citizens on online visa application

Are you a citizen Saint-Barthélemy and wish to visit the Vietnam? Well, you will need the Vietnam visa before you visit the Vietnam hence the two ways of applying for the Vietnam visa shared below:

• A direct application to the Vietnam embassy in the surrounding countries

• Online application procedure through our website services

The direct application for the Vietnam visa

Citizens of Saint-Barthélemy who wish to apply for the Vietnam visa should find the nearest Vietnam embassy since there is none within Saint-Barthélemy. As such, they can start by contacting each Vietnam embassy around by phone conversation as well as by email messaging. This way they will get informed of the various visa application requirements and the standards since the visa application procedures vary across embassies.

When filling in the visa application forms, applicants can either present themselves in person at the Vietnam embassy or opt for the visa by post service as it does not need them to show up at the Vietnam embassy when applying for the Vietnam visa. However, the visa by post service is not available in all Vietnam embassies hence applicants should first contact their embassy at hand to confirm if the service is available there.

Online application for the Vietnam visa through our website

The Vietnam visa on arrival service is considerably cheap as you pay a slight service fee from our website to get it started. You also pay a small visa stamping fee at the airport upon receiving your Vietnam visa. When both the stamping and service fees are combined they still cannot compare to how much money you are likely to spend if applied your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy. Generally the procedure is simplified and shortened in that it only takes two working days or 48 working hours to get your visa letter of approval. You can print this document as it comes via email and use it for your identification as you travel to Vietnam and claim your visa from there.

Visa applicants can now apply for their Vietnam visas through our site. This way the visa applicants need a valid passport and two passport photos that were taken most recently. With these two documents they can proceed to the following steps:

• Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form availed there

• Clear the visa service fees with us online and as per our instructions

• Receive the letter of approval from us by email in 48 business hours after completing the visa application form.

Applicants will then show their letter of approval, their passport and their two passport photos to the Vietnam embassy they chose in their visa application form. Alternatively, they can present these documents at the Vietnam international airport if they are air travel applicants. Finally, visa applicants will be issued their Vietnam visas after paying a slight visa stamping fee.

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