Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Armenia

  • Complete Name: Republic of Armenia

  • Native Name: Hayastan

  • ISO-Code: ARM

  • Capital: Yerevan
Oops, sorry, there is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Republic of Armenia. Should you have any information to share about the Vietnam embassy/consulate from Armenia, feel free to contact us by the email: We will appreciate your concern and contribution.

Guide to Vietnam visa applicants in Armenia

As an Armenian citizen wishing to visit Vietnam in the near future, you require a Vietnam visa in order to step in Vietnam. There are only two legal ways by which you can acquire your Vietnam visa as an ordinary Armenian citizen which include:

- Online application through our services

- Direct visa application to the Vietnam embassy

1. Online application for the Vietnam visa

One way to acquiring your visa to Vietnam is by applying through us. We give you access to our site where you will fill in the visa application form, make payments with us and receive the letter of approval from us by email. All this happens in 48 working hours. Finally you will have to present your passport, you two passport size-photos and the letter of approval either at the Vietnam embassy or one of the three international embassies in Vietnam: (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Cam Ranh and Da Nang).  Upon paying the visa stamping fee, you will be served with your Vietnam visa.

2. Direct application to the Vietnam embassy around Armenia

As an Armenian citizen, you can always access the Vietnam embassy from surrounding countries anytime during business hours, since Armenia does not have a Vietnam embassy as of yet. You will be informed more about the visa application procedures as well as the requirements and service fees that may be charged to you. Other avenues apart from presenting yourself in person by which you can reach the Vietnam embassy include email and telephone.

For applicants to the Vietnam visa who feel inconvenienced by visiting the embassy in person, there is a more convenient option. This is the visa by post way of application. It only requires them to contact the embassy in advance to confirm if the service is available there.

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