Friday, October 31, 2014

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Great news as the Vietnam Visa on Arrival is introduced for Indian Citizens

Many Indians are now choosing Vietnam as their favorite destination for budget travel as a result of the newly introduced friendly policy. The new generations Indians are unique in their way of living compared to their ancestors. Present generation of Indians are now adventurous who stop at nothing to explore beyond the reach of many. You will notice them by their travel traits – they are backpackers who traverse their tour-country leaving no stones of curiosity unturned. The recent improvements by the Vietnamese immigration department to facilitate visa on arrival for Indian citizens is what has made touring much easier and by far enjoyable.

The Vietnam visa on arrival is easy and quick to apply as one can forward their visa application forms from the comfort of their home provided they have connection to internet. Moreover, this kind of visa last for up to 3 months and is available in single as well as multiple entries.

Applicants have to download the visa application form from one of the many visa processing websites, fill up the required information and email it back to the respective website. Staff of the visa processing websites will forward your visa application form to the Vietnam immigration department where your letter of approval will be arranged for. As soon as your information has been verified your letter of approval will be sent to your respective website via which you applied your visa. It will then be relayed to your email account where you will receive it in softcopy.

However, the introduction of Vietnam visa on arrival wasn’t meant to replace the conventional visa application procedures. One can still make their application as before and travel to Vietnam only that the Vietnam visa on arrival is most regarded and strongly advised of all. For one, all other procedures involve high level of patience and put you through delays in addition to the high cost in the overall.

From the history of relationship between India and Vietnam that dates back hundreds of years (from the 2nd century), their tourists have always been fascinated by ancient temples and the unique cultures which is arguably the driving force behind the new-generation Indian backpacking tourists in Vietnam. It is uncommon for these kinds of tourists to plan their holidays in advance. They’d rather plan random tours and pack their backs and heads straight to their destinations. The visa on arrival accommodates this kind of trait hence the increase in the number of Indian tourist in Vietnam since its invention.

The Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens has come just at the right time in the wake of the new generation Indian tourists who prefer impulsive plans in their travels as opposed to making elaborate plans. Not only does it allow them to exercise this trait but it also quickens the set prerequisite procedures for tour travels.  It can arguably be said the Vietnam visa on arrival is a great recipe for attracting tourists from India.

As an Indian citizen whishing to tour Vietnam through the recently innovated visa on arrival, be sure to check across the various Vietnam visa application agents where you will be guided and advised on appropriate steps to take from the start.

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