Friday, October 31, 2014

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Try the Vietnam visa on arrival service today

If you are one of those people that seriously needed to travel to Vietnam, and have been trying all they can to get a Vietnam visa on arrival quickly but in vain, here is a bit of encouraging news for you. At the moment, you can get your Vietnam visa in no time with just if you get in touch with the right visa agent.

Visa agents in this case come in form of a website, which won’t just provide for you step by step visa application directions and will enable you acquire the document in just about 48 hours. All you are obliged to do is to log into the website. There you would be amused with an assembly of reactions which ought to comprehensively fulfill all your inquiries in regards to your Vietnam visa. Should you have any unanswered questions about the Vietnam visa application procedure or anything related to it, you can dependably call them by their toll free number to have them respond to your queries.

Basically you will need to fill in the visa application form from the website and pay the stated visa application fees so your visa application can be considered official and thus forwarded to the Vietnam immigration department by the visa agent. In cases where you are travelling together with your family, you will need to apply for a different kind of visa and the visa agent will help you out on this issue. Once all these are done successfully, you will have to wait for about 24 hours for your application to be forwarded to the Vietnam immigration department for validation. Finally you will receive a letter of approval though is softcopy via E-mail and which would need to be printed to hardcopy.

The hardcopy letter of approval will be used for your identification while boarding a plane to Vietnam. You will again present it at the landing visa office at any of the three Vietnam international airports namely: Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai. At this point you will be charged a slight visa stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and handed to you.

The letter of approval is presented along with your valid passport and two of your most recent passport sized photos. The presented passport however should be acquired at least six months prior.

Vietnam is an open country and that invites individuals from everywhere from around the world to visit them, whether for business reason or for unadulterated travel proposes, and getting the Vietnam visa has gotten to be very basic through the years.

To be on the safe side, ensure you seek services of trusted visa agents online. That way you will avoid spending endless hours at the Vietnam embassy waiting to get served. You will initiate all procedures from anyplace around the world provided you have connection to the internet and possess valid documents required for the procedure. No longer will you be frustrated by the sluggish visa application procedure at the Vietnam embassies, try out the Vietnam visa on arrival today!

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