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How to get Vietnam visa for Egyptian


• Complete Name: Arab Republic of Egypt

• Native Name: Miṣr

• ISO-Code: EGY

• Capital: Al-Qāhirah [Cairo]

All Egyptian citizens planning to visit the Vietnam need a Vietnam visa. They can request the Vietnam visa in any of these two ways:

• By direct application to the Vietnam embassy for the Vietnam visa.

• By applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival via our website online

Immediate provision system for the Vietnam visa:

As an Egyptian applicant to the Vietnam visa, you are allowed to visit the Vietnam embassy anytime throughout business hours or in any event to get in touch with them by means of phone or via email discussion. The main purpose of your visit to the Vietnam embassy is to ensure you get advice on the best on the best way to go about visa application procedures.

Here are more contacts to the Vietnam embassy in Egypt:

Embassy of Vietnam in Cairo, Egypt

Address: Villa 47, Ahmed Heshmat Street, Zamalek – Cairo, Egypt.

Fax: 00-202-27366091


- Office: 00-202-27364326/ 327 (during hours of duty)

- Consular Section: 00-202-27364329

- Off duty hours: 00-202-27366108



Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

Egyptians who wish to seek the Vietnam visa through our website should first acquire the following documents:

• A valid travel passport that was procured no less than six months ago.

• Two travel permit photos that they took within the last six months.

With these two vital documents visa applicants are required to visit our website online and fill in the visa application form availed for them there. They will then need to pay the visa service fees still via our website as they wait for letter of approval from us which we relay to them via email in approximately two working days from the Vietnam immigration office.

The letter of approval we send them should be displayed at any of the international airports in Vietnam or at the Vietnam consulate where each respective applicant will pay the visa administration fee and get issued their Vietnam visa.

Advantages of the visa on arrival service

Visa on arrival is an alternative to direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa and is more advantageous. It spares you from the long queues that you would be forced to stand in while following up on your visa at the Vietnam embassy.

Online application option for the Vietnam visa does not oblige you to present yourself at the Vietnam embassy to seek your Vietnam visa and because of that visa seekers won’t need to stop their obligations or change their day by day schedules.


When filling in your personal details on the visa application form, it is adamant that you submit valid information. The data submitted by you on the visa application form will reflect as it is in your letter of application. It will additionally be a source of reference when validating your information before you are finally served with the Vietnam visa whereby it will be crosschecked with information on your passport.


Only visa applicants that travel to Vietnam by air can collect their Vietnam visas from a Vietnam international airport upon their arrival there. The rest of them ought to appear at the particular Vietnam embassies they chose when filling in the visa application form online.

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