Friday, October 31, 2014

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Great news for French tourists on their Vietnam visa approvals

For the French tourists to Vietnam who were getting anxious about the extended delay in issuance of their Vietnam visas, there is a reason for them to feel relieved. There is an extension of service by the Vietnam immigration department in issuance of the Vietnam visa to the French, which now takes only 24 hours to have an applicant’s visa processed and issued to them. French visa applicants to the Vietnam visas can now turn to the online service (visa on arrival) if the regular procedure of applying for the Vietnam visa seems quite exhausting and delayed. This way they find the visa application procedure more convenient, much faster and least tedious compared to the manual visa application procedure.

The new visa application procedure takes only 24 hours to process and issue, which is just about one day. This timeframe is quite short compared to regular visa application procedure that takes about a week during peak seasons or at least 3 days during off-peak seasons.

As a French visa applicant, simply find out the best visa agent online and fill up their visa application form that is availed on their website. Ensure you submit valid data in the blank fields provided in the application form else your visa application gets cancelled due to inconsistency. You won’t have to go through the exhausting procedure of making the visa application via the conventional way at the Vietnam embassy in France. You will also have the experience of saving your time, effort and energy since this procedure is expedited and does not require you to stand in long queues or having to travel all the way to the Vietnam embassies. Simply put, this process is convenient and super fast and most importantly, it is budget friendly.

As a French tourist, the online visa on arrival application and approval procedure allows you to apply for the Vietnam visa from the comfort of your home or from wherever you are. A reliable internet connection is all you need to access the visa agency’s website online to fill up the visa application form. You will then submit it back to the visa agency online so they can forward your application to the Vietnam immigration department. What follows is a letter of approval, but only if your visa application successfully goes through the validation step, which usually is first sent to the travel agency by email by the immigration department of Vietnam. The travel agency will then forward the letter of approval to you still by email so you can print it out in hardcopy and avail it to the Vietnam immigration department.

This service is availed to all people provided they meet the minimum age requirement. Whether you are a student, casual worker or a formal employee visa on arrival service is applicable with you.

As soon as you receive your letter of approval by email from the travel agency, you can choose to get your passport stamped at the Vietnam embassy or at any of these international airports in Vietnam: Da Nang, Tan Son Nhat & Noi Bai upon your arrival at Vietnam. Finally, you will have to pay a slight visa stamping fee to have your visa stamped on your passport.

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