Friday, October 24, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Complete Name: Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Native Name: Bosna i Hercegovina
  • ISO-Code: BIH
  • Capital: Sarajevo
All citizens from Bosnia and Herzegovina need a Vietnam visa for them to enter Vietnam. However, there is no Vietnam embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and so applicants from this country will have to find Vietnam embassies from surrounding countries to apply from. They can access the Vietnam embassy in person or contact the embassy by telephone or by email to inquire more information about the visa application procedures as well as the associated fees. Vietnam visa applicants can still acquire their Vietnam visas without presenting themselves at the Vietnam embassies in person. This is possible with the visa by post service which only requires your confirmation from the embassy at hand to find out if the service is supported there.

Online application for the Vietnam visa

When you get to apply for the Vietnam visa online through our services, there are three steps that you will need to follow so you finally acquire your Vietnam visa. These steps are listed below:

- Find the visa application form at our website and fill it in appropriately before submitting back to the system
- Clear the service fees with us and follow our instructions correctly

- Wait for the letter of approval which we will send you by email in 48 working hours

With the letter of approval you get from us, you can collect your Vietnam visa from any Vietnam international airport or from a Vietnam embassy provided you present other documents which are part of the visa application requirements.  These documents include: two passport photos of yourself, your passport document and the letter of approval you got from us. Finally pay the visa stamping fees so you can be issued the Vietnam visa.

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