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How to get Vietnam visa for Bolivia citizens


• Complete Name: Plurinational State of Bolivia

• Native Name: Bolivia

• ISO-Code: BOL

• Capital: Sucre / La Paz

Vietnam visa requirements for Bolivian citizens

As a Bolivian, you need a Vietnam visa before you enter Vietnam. However, since there is no Vietnam embassy/consulate in Bolivia, you can choose to visit the nearest Vietnam embassy from surrounding countries in person or visit our website online to find the visa application form there, which you will be required to download, print and fill it before submitting it again to the website.

Whichever way you choose to apply for the Vietnam visa, you will need the following documents for paper work:

• A pair of your most recent passport photo that you took within the last six months

• Your passport document which you acquired not less than six months in advance but should still be valid.

You will also be required to pay a visa stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport.

By applying for your Vietnam visa from the Vietnam embassy in foreign country but as a Bolivian, you stand to experience the following:

• Long waiting queues at the Vietnam embassies which can keep you for as long as it takes to clear people before you, sometimes it can even take a whole day.

• You will have to visit the Vietnam embassy more than once during the five-day waiting period. The procedure is uncertain and can sometimes extend beyond the 5 day waiting period.

• There is a lot of paperwork involved as it is a manual procedure.

• You might find this procedure an inconvenience if you run businesses and reside far away from the Vietnam embassy. You will be required to travel and stay around the Vietnam embassy as you follow up on your Vietnam visa. All in all, the direct application procedure can be an inconvenience to some visa applicants which is why visa on arrival service is introduced.

How to apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival service

With the Vietnam visa on arrival service you get to apply for your Vietnam visa from our website. The procedure entails the following simple steps:

• Applicants visit our website and download and print the visa application form on paper, fill it as required and finally scan the completed form and upload it to the website online.

• They pay the visa service fees by credit card on our site and according to our instructions

• We will then send their personal information as from the uploaded visa application form by them to the immigration department of Vietnam, which will process and produce their letter of approval. This letter is sent to us by email and we relay it to the respective visa applicant still by email. The entire procedure takes about 48 working hours.

• Once received by email, the letter of approval should be downloaded and printed on paper for presentation when boarding a plane to Vietnam. You then will present it at the ‘Landing Visa Office’ upon your arrival at the Vietnam international airport. Finally you will pay a slight visa stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and issued to you.

Benefits of the Vietnam visa on arrival service

• The service is cheap hence affordable to everyone. You only need to pay a slight visa service fee at our website and almost similar amount for the visa stamping on your passport.

• The procedure is applicable 24/7 regardless of weekends non-work hours and public holidays.

• You can get a rush visa service, by which you letter of approval is produced in 24 work hours.

• The procedure is convenient as all you need is a reliable connection to the internet rather than travelling to the Vietnam embassy to make your visa application from there.

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