Monday, October 27, 2014

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Special Discounts for applying Vietnam Visa online

Hai Phong city 28 Oct 2014 – ‘Vietnam visa on arrival’ is a special hassle free service offered by to foreign nationals visiting the country. has some good news for people who are often last minute planners.  Now, they can get their visa request for the country processed in less than 24 hours- and at much discounted rates. The ‘Visa on Arrival’ is a special smooth and faster service initiated by the agency for the benefit of those starved of time by their busy schedules.

This is an online application process and it does not matter whether the Vietnamese embassy offices are present in your country or not . “Just fill out the application form on the website or send an email to: and wait until one of us contacts you within an hour or two,” says the company enthusiastic representative.

The moment you are sure that information, which you have provided, is accurate as well as up to date, the pre-approval letter or ‘Vietnam visa on arrival’ letter is sent via email to the candidate within 24 to 48 hours. This letter is then printed and should be carried to be stamped at any of the Vietnamese international airport terminal on the day of arrival after payment of the stamp is done in cash. All of this is legal moreover approved by the government under its eVisa scheme. Moreover, when done through, the service is discounted as well.

“This discount is aimed at agencies, students, teachers as well as last minute travel planners. To make use of the offer, email us with the subtitle Corporate Request along with details of your organization/personal information,” adds the company representative.

The system is at this time valid to only for those travelers arriving by air. “If you’re planning to enter the country by land, intimate us a few weeks in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements,” he adds.  They can also be contacted to apply for online visa renewal.

About applying Vietnam Visa online website: is a Vietnam based visa-processing agency that helps travelers visiting their country. Besides routine visa processing, they also offer emergency services such as eVisa and visa on arrival, and are open on weekends as well as public holidays.

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