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Vietnam visa requirement for Taiwanese


    - Complete Name: Republic of China
    - Native Name: Zhonghua Minguo, Chunghua Minkuo, Jhonghua Minguo
    - ISO-Code: TWN
    - Capital: Taibei (Taipei)
Counties: Gaoxiong (Kaohsiung, Gaosyong), Gaoxiong Shi (Kaohsiung Shih, Gaosyong Shi) [Kaohsiung], Hualian (Hualien), Jiayi (Chiai) [Chiayi], Jiayi Shi (Chiai Shih) [Chiayi], Jilong Shi (Chilung Shih) [Keelong], Jinmen (Chinmen) [Quemoy], Lianjiang (Lienchiang) [Matsu], Miaoli, Nantou, Penghu [Pescadores], Pingdong (Pingtung), Taibei Shi (Taipei Shih) [Taipei], Taidong (Taitung), Tainan, Tainan Shi (Tainan Shih), Taizhong (Taichung, Taijhong), Taizhong Shi (Taichung Shih, Taijhong Shi), Taoyuan, Xinbei Shi (Hsinpei Shih, Sinbei Shi) [New Taipei City], Xinzhu (Hsinchu, Sinjhu), Xinzhu Shi (Hsinchu Shih, Sinjhu Shi), Yilan (Ilan), Yunlin, Zhanghua (Changhua, Jhanghua)

Principal Cities: Xinbei, Taibei, Gaoxiong, Taizhong, Tainan, Xinzhu, Taoyuan

Principal Metropolitan Areas: Taibei, Gaoxiong, Taizhong, Taoyuan, Tainan, Xinzhu, Jiayi


Vietnam visa requirement for Taiwanese

It is good to inform you that you are required to secure yourself a visa to enter Vietnam as a Taiwan citizen.

How to get a Vietnam visa in Taiwan

There are only two main options:

1. Get your Vietnam visa at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate.

You can contact the Vietnam embassy in your country through email, telephone or go there directly to be given detailed guidelines about visa procedures and fees.

Below we have given the contact information of the Vietnam embassy in Taiwan.

Vietnam consulate in Taipei, Taiwan

    - Address: 3F No. 65 Sung Chiang Road, Taipei, Taiwan
    - Telephone: 251 66 626
    - Fax: 250 41 761
    - Consular service: 251 66 648
    - Fax: 251 66 625
    - Code: 00-886-2
    - Email:
    - Website:
1. Apply online to obtain a letter of approval to:

a. Get your Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airport

For you to get the visa you have to follow these procedures:

    - Avail your details in the application form at our website appropriately.
    - Deliver your payment with us in accordance to our instructions and these is a free service.
    - Get your letter of acknowledgement from our email within the 48 working Hours
    - Bring your letter of approval, your passport together with your two passport photos to your arrival airport in Vietnam: Cam Ranh, Tan Son Nhat,  Noi Bai, Da Nang, then pay the stamping fee for you to get your visa.
b. Get your Vietnam visa at any Vietnam embassy or consulate you choose in your application.

The procedure of getting this embassy visa is highlighted below:

    - Put your personal information in the application form on our website completely.
    - Pay your requirement and make sure that you heed to our instructions.
    - Get your letter of acceptance from our own email within 3 days.
    - Bring your letter of approval, your passport and two passport size photos, pay the stamping fee and immediately get your visa.
NOTE: Conditions to get Vietnam’s visa.

    - For your passport to be valid it must be in existence for not more than six months.
    - Your passport sized photos are taken by the embassy within the last six months.
    - The information in your letter of approval must be the same as that in your passport.

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