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How to get Vietnam visa for Djiboutian Citizens


• Complete Name: Republic of Djibouti

• Native Name: Djibouti, Jībūtī

• ISO-Code: DJI

• Capital: Djibouti

As a Djiboutian native you have to seek a Vietnam visa before you visit Vietnam. You can request your Vietnam visa by any of these two ways shared below:

• By direct application at the Vietnam embassy/consulate

• By requesting for the Vietnam visa through our website online

Direct application plan for the Vietnam visa

Djibouti at present does not have a Vietnam consulate/embassy from which one can seek the Vietnam visa. Thusly, you will need to discover the closest Vietnam consulate around to apply from. Preferably you can start by making contact to various Vietnam embassies around and enquire their guidelines on how one ought to lead his or herself when requisitioning the Vietnam visa.

At the point when applying for the Vietnam visa you will need to present yourself as an individual at the Vietnam embassy to fill in the visa application form and submit it right there. For the alternative procedure, you can utilize the visa by post service when seeking your Vietnam visa. In fact, visa by post service permits one to secure their Vietnam visa without their physical presence at the Vietnam embassy. It is however important to note that only a couple of Vietnam consulates offer this service and hence you ought to personally confirm the availability of the service with the specific Vietnam embassy you wish to apply from.

Assured procedure by which to apply your Vietnam visa on arrival

For visa applicants that operate on a tight calendar and can’t bear to disregard their employment obligations or can’t make time to travel to the Vietnam embassy to make an application, visa on arrival works best for them. With this option we will provide you with a stage on which you are to apply your Vietnam visa.

Our platform and services online spare you from needing to line up at the long queues at the Vietnam embassies and also from spending money on numerous trips to and from the Vietnam embassies and from all other hustles that come with that. Here you essentially visit our website online and fill in the visa application forms given there. You will then need to clear the slight visa administration expenses with and consequently wait for about 48 working hours before we send you the letter of approval by email.

You will then introduce yourself by your letter of approval right before entering the plane to Vietnam and upon your arrival at the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’ at the Vietnam international airport when picking your Vietnam visa. Alternatively, you can present yourself in person Vietnam consulate you picked in your visa application form in the event that you arrive there by different means of transport. Finally, as a visa seeker you will display the letter of approval alongside the two passport photos and passport as you pay a slight visa stamping fee to get issued with a Vietnam visa right there.

Point to note:

• The two identification photographs that one presents ought to be the ones procured most recently within the last six months.

• The legitimate passport document that one presents ought to be acquired six months ahead of the day one applies for their Vietnam visa.

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