Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Aruba

  • Vietnam embassy in Aruba

    Native Name: Aruba

  • ISO-Code: ABW

  • Capital: Oranjestad
Aruba does not have a Vietnam embassy/consulate at the moment and so visa applications from this country can be forwarded to the nearest Vietnam embassies in surrounding countries. Applicants will be given more information regarding the application procedures while there and they will as well be informed on the required fees.

The other way to applying for a Vietnam visa as an Aruban is by the post option, this way you will only have to contact the embassy in advance and they will confirm to you if the service is available with them. Should you have any information to share, inquiries to make or contributions towards us, feel free to contact us by email:

Ways to apply for a Vietnam visa as an Aruban

If you are a citizen from Aruba and wish to apply for the Vietnam visa, you can use any of the following two ways:

i) Make your visa application online through our services

ii) Make a direct application to the Vietnam embassy/consulate.

Here is how to approach each of these two ways to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Online visa application through us

We provide our service to ensure Aruban citizens get their Vietnam visas conveniently and within the required time. All that is required from a Vietnam visa applicant who wishes to apply for one through us include the following:

- They should visit our website online and fill in the visa application form

- They should pay the visa processing fees with us

- They should wait for the letter of approval from us which we provide them in 48 working hours

Once these three steps are confirmed, applicants will be allowed to collect their visas at the Vietnam embassy or from any of the three international airports in Vietnam: (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Cam Ranh and Da Nang) but only after paying the visa stamping fees and providing their passport, their 2 passport photos and the letter of approval.

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