Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Get informed of the following business etiquettes during your Vietnam travel

Your first time in Vietnam can be a lot more hectic than you’d expected when you are not aware of the Do’s and Don’ts in business there. It is therefore important that you grab the following concepts with regard to how you should conduct yourself in business meetings in Vietnam. Be sure to grab the following tips for practice in business meetings during your Vietnam travel.

First of all, it is important to note that the Asian culture is way different from many other cultures in other parts of the world including that of the West. Furthermore, there are other fine differences even within the Asian tribes as far as their sub-cultures are concerned. However in general, culture in Vietnam is influenced by philosophies of the ancient sage Confucius – in which teachings impact on a wide variety of issues such as respect to elders, wisdom, hard work, humility and courtesy. These teachings form the fabric of not only the Vietnam culture, but also the character of its people.

When in a business meeting, be sure not to interrupt or cut short an elder, or an elderly member of a delegation. For that reason, business meetings in Vietnam last much longer than in other parts of the world where people mention their points briefly. Doing things in a hurry here implies that you are very impatient. On another note, the people here don’t directly say, ‘No’ and that also adds up to the reason why business meetings last longer.

Should you meet with a lady in a business meeting, she should be the one to initiate a handshake with you. Until then, choose to stay cool as that is what their culture suggests.

When you are presented with an opportunity to serve the elderly or renowned persons such as officials, remember to mention them by their titles. This includes their professional titles such as chairman, general manager etc. Here people take their positions as per their ranks.

When issuing services, you are advised to start with the senior most official followed by those under him or her in the line of duty, and use your two hands. Do not ask people to serve themselves in whatever case, but rather serve them yourself. Still on that point, avoid putting any document you are given in your back pocket and instead, let it be in your bag or your shirt pocket.

You may be used to tipping at the end of the meal, well; in Vietnam you are not encouraged to do so. Even though this perception of the culture is quickly changing, still enquire from the locals just before you tip someone.

With the above tips on how you should conduct yourself if in a business meeting or social gathering during your Vietnam travel, you will considerably be in terms with the locals here. Have it in mind that the Vietnamese cultural practices have been there for over 2000 years hence deeply rooted in its people.

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