Monday, November 24, 2014

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Vietnam travel information at embassies

An embassy is a permanent diplomatic mission and the building in which the diplomatic missions are done. They are very important when it comes to foreign issues like traveling across countries. Vietnam has its own almost in all the countries. They serve very important missions when it comes to Vietnam travels. They serve both its citizens, foreigners and the Vietnam government. The government always comes first and its citizens.

Embassies provide travelling documents to those wishing to have a Vietnam travel for various reasons. Embassies are headed by ambassadors who act as the presidents of the embassy. The ambassadors and other officers check out and give lee ways to other people to enter their countries after verifying their travelling documents. Consular officers deal with issuing visas and handling issues which arise for travellers while they are abroad. These officers must always make sure no terrorist and other unwanted people seek and get Vietnam travel documents and cause havoc and unrest in their country. We have those whose job is purely to check on the stability of the government of the host nation. They do so and give advice to those citizens wishing to travel to the host nation for various reasons. The people who work in the embassy are called diplomats. They are very special and enjoy so many privileges. One of them is that nobody of the host country can enter and interfere with the proceedings in the embassy. For one to come and enter the embassy of any country he/she must have been invited for specific reasons of which after he/she must leave immediately. These diplomats are always free from any sort of attack unless otherwise. This is because they are highly protected.

Just like any other embassy in the world, Vietnam embassies have their own army, travel agencies and marketing department. The army is to ensure that the embassy is well secured from any attack. The role of the marketing is to look for opportunities in the host country which can be worked on to generate money for its country. They also negotiate to the host nation to allow the Vietnam citizen to come and invest in various parts of the host nation. The travel agency is responsible for the travels to and from Vietnam. They make sure no unwanted person is issued with a Vietnam visa. To do so they look for any information about the applicant who may be seeking a Vietnam travelling documents.

 Other functions done here are mediation. The diplomats are supposed to mediate upon any difference that may arise from the two nations. They sit together with the government officials of the host nation and try to fix the problem amicably without going into war or unnecessary unrest. They also convey conferences to enlighten and discus about investments among the two countries. This is one of the biggest and the most important task they do. This diplomacy is either done openly or secretly. Those done secretly are very sensitive and very crucial. Things like security cannot be done in open forums in Vietnam embassies. 

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