Monday, December 1, 2014

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Get used to traffic and commotion during your Vietnam travel

Are you coming from the western countries or even westernized nations that put everything to order including the transport industry? Well, as you prepare to visit Vietnam there are certain things you might have to get accustomed to as far as using roads and pathways is concerned.

Normally the Vietnamese do not use pathways but roads instead. Most pathways along the roads are already occupied by small business traders and hawkers leaving pedestrians cyclists and motorists to share the main roads leading to heavy traffic. As a result of this you will find it difficult to navigate along roads on foot if you are a first time visitor there.

With such a high number of both inappropriate and appropriate road users you definitely expect to find it common that people break traffic rules and regulations.

 Noises and disorder:

When there are too many road users and most of them on engine driven automobiles, it can rarely be silent on roads. Engine vehicles and motorbikes pollute the air with noises and worst is the hooting noises that come with it which surprisingly doesn’t raise any concern with the locals. Talking of random turns by the motorbike users and flag it as a possible cause of an accident as you will never know when a motorbike runs over your feet as you cross or walk along the road. You are strongly advised to hire a taxi if you can afford it as it’s cheap and will get you almost anywhere you want.

If you speak about disorderliness on Vietnamese roads you will have more than enough points to highlight. As already pointed out, with cyclists and motorist, corners are negotiated almost anywhere sometimes even over pathways and pavements. You might think of it as madness but is all because of the high number of road users that generate a scamper for even the slightest space available. Likewise pedestrians walk on both sides of the road regardless of where the traffic heads as opposed to other countries where they should walk alongside roads but against the traffic. As a driver on Vietnamese roads you can easily get away with regular traffic offenses not just once but almost everyday.

As you prepare for your Vietnam travel it is advisable that you get yourself prepared at least psychologically for the commotions, hustle and bustles of everyday life on roads. You have a steep learning curve as a foreigner if you are to drive yourself here in Vietnam even as an already qualified driver in the West. You may stick to your own driving experience but be sure you will find it rough on roads until you get used to it. Additionally, you will find it quite difficult even as a pedestrian but as already put, it is a matter of psychological preparation before one gets used to it.

With a little care and open mindedness, you will slowly learn to appreciate and get used to traffic life in this country as a foreigner during your Vietnam travel.

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