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How to get Vietnam visa for Honduras


• Complete Name: Republic of Honduras

• Native Name: Honduras

• ISO-Code: HND

• Capital: Tegucigalpa

How to get Vietnam visa for Honduras

As a Honduran citizen, you require a Vietnam visa so you can legally enter Vietnam. There are two main ways in which you can apply and acquire your Vietnam as shown below:

• By direct application from a specific Vietnam embassy
• By applying for the Vietnam visa on entry online through our website.

The immediate requisition method for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam consulate

As a native of Honduras it is important to note there is no Vietnam embassy/consulate in your nation thus you have to discover the closest from encompassing nations. At some point you may have to travel in person to these embassies or alternatively get in touch with them by phone and email conversations to get more details as of what you need to do when going about the visa application procedure.

The direct visa application procedure will at some point require you to suspend your present work schedule. With that in mind, it goes without saying that you will also spend lots of money on your stay out there without accounting for the number of hours you spend in long queues at the embassy waiting to get served. Good news on the other hand is that you can evade all these hustles basically by deciding on the Vietnam visa on arrival which takes a couple of hours to complete processing.

Online application plan and service for the Vietnam visa on entry applicants:

With the Vietnam visa on landing service you get to procure your Vietnam visa from the Vietnam international airport with help of your letter of approval that we send you as soon as we acquire it from the immigration department of Vietnam. We are one such executor who work closely with the Vietnam immigration office to guarantee your data is submitted to them through us and make a follow up on your letter of approval. In this strategy you will need to:

• Visit our site online to download and fill in the visa application form with accurate information about you.

• Clear the set visa service fees with us as you take after our directions appropriately.

• Wait for the letter of regard from us as we advance it to you from the Vietnam migration office inside 48 working hours.

• You then need to print the letter of approval to hardcopy so you can use it along with your two passport photos and your passport to identify yourself at the airport as you board a plane to Vietnam and likewise at the Vietnam international airport to claim your visa from there.

• Finally, pay the visa stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa issued and stamped on your passport photo so you can openly and lawfully enter Vietnam.

Benefits of visa on arrival service:

With the visa on entry service you can place for your visa with us at any time without time limitations this includes working hours, holiday seasons and weekends.

You spare your valuable time and money applying with us as all that is needed is you to simply visit our website online and fill in the visa application form there. We will then send you a letter of approval via email which you should print to hardcopy and present it at the Vietnam international airport to claim your visa. The entire visa on arrival procedure is simplified and takes only 48 working hours after which your visa is ready for collection at the Vietnam international airport.

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