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How to get Vietnam visa for Vanuatu citizens

• Complete Name: Republic of Vanuatu
• Native Name: Vanuatu
• ISO-Code: VUT

• Capital: Port Vila

How to get Vietnam visa for Vanuatu citizens

As a Vanuatu citizen you can apply for your Vietnam visa in two ways mentioned below:

• By applying directly to the Vietnam embassy

• By applying online through our services.

However, there are some countries that do not have a Vietnam embassy. As such, citizens from such countries have to travel out to neighboring countries that have a Vietnam embassy in order for them to apply for the Vietnam visa from there. These experiences can be stressful let alone the costs and expenses incurred by writers. For instance, applying for your Vietnam visa directly from the Vietnam embassy makes you:

• Spend too much time waiting to be served at the embassy from foreign countries. It can take up to five working days and sometimes even longer than that.

• You might have to visit the Vietnam embassy at least twice in the course of your application and visa processing.

• The visa is not convenient for visa applicant living far away from the embassy both for the hours it takes for them to apply for their visas and the inconveniences that come with traveling great distances while leaving your responsibilities for 5 working days.

Vietnam visa application procedure for Ni-Vanuatu citizens

Are you from Vanuatu and need to apply for your Vietnam visa online through us. Here are the procedures involved in the visa application online:

Have the required documents:

Firstly, you must ensure you have a valid passport that you acquired not less than six months ago

Secondly, you must have two passport photos that you took within the last six months.

Apply for the letter of approval with us:

• Visit our website and accurately fill in the visa application form availed to visa applicants there

• Clear the due visa service fees with us and follow our instructions to the final step

• Get the softcopy version of the letter of approval which we send you by email in the next 48 hours from when you complete the visa application step with us.

Use your letter of approval to claim your Vietnam visa:

• You should present your Vietnam visa at the Vietnam international airport or at the Vietnam embassy to claim your visa but upon paying the visa stamping fee right there. You will shortly be served with your Vietnam visa by hand as you walk out.

Terms and conditions to note for a successful visa application procedure:

• You should have a valid visa that you acquired over six months earlier before the actual day of your visa application.

• You should present two most recent copies of your passport photos

• You should offer only valid information when filling in the visa application form at our website as this will be crosschecked with the information in your passport to determine integrity of your data.

• You should only collect your Vietnam visa from these international airports in Vietnam if you are a traveler by air: Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), ……

• The rest of the visa applicants should collect their visa application forms from a Vietnam embassy that they chose when filling in their visa application forms.

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