Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Congo (Rep.)

    - Complete Name: Republic of the Congo
    - Native Name: Congo
    - ISO-Code: COG
    - Capital: Brazzaville
There is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Republic of the Congo at this moment. Would you please email us if you have any information to update.

Congo citizens need a Vietnam visa for them to access Vietnam. As such, they can choose between two of the following application procedures to successfully apply and acquire their Vietnam visas:

    - Direct application to the Vietnam embassy
    - Make online application for the Vietnam visa through our website.
1. How to make a direct application to the Vietnam embassy

Applicants to the Vietnam embassy from the republic of Congo have to find the nearest surrounding countries that have a Vietnam embassy since their country currently does not have one.  Applicants can choose to communicate with these embassies by telephone or email conversations to find out more about the visa application procedures from them. The other way is by presenting themselves in person at these embassies to make inquires as well as actual applications.

Alternatively, applicants can use the visa by post service, since it is convenient in the sense that they do not have to make personal visits there and they will still apply and acquire their visas. This method is recommended to all applicants but they first have to make a confirmation with the embassies on whether the service is available there, since visa application procedures vary in all embassies. You can find more information by contacting the respective embassies.

2. Online application for the Vietnam visa

When applying for the Vietnam visa online, applicants have to fill in the visa application form available at our website and make payment with us for the service fees as per our instructions. We will then serve them with a letter of approval by email in 48 hours from the time of their application.

The letter of approval is a green light that gives them a go ahead so they can complete the remaining procedure for acquiring their Vietnam visas. The second step entails checking their information as well as the required documents from them:

    - They should have a valid passport acquired more than six months ago.
    - They should have two passport photos taken most recently.
    - Their information in the letter of approval should be consistent with that in their passport.
Finally, applicants will provide their passports and passport photos as they collect their visas from any of the following points as they pay the visa stamping fees:

    - Vietnam international airports
    - Vietnam embassy

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