Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Guinea-Bissau

    - Complete Name: Republic of Guinea-Bissau
    - Native Name: Guiné-Bissau
    - ISO-Code: GNB
    - Capital: Bissau
There is no embassy of Vietnam in Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

All Guinea Bissau citizens need a Vietnam visa in order for them to access the Vietnam. They can choose any of the following two application procedures to acquire their Vietnam visas:

    - A direct application procedure to the Vietnam embassy
    - Online application through our website
1. Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa

When applying for the Vietnam visa as a Guinea Bissau citizen, you have to find the nearest Vietnam embassy since Guinea Bissau does not have one yet. You need to find a list of Vietnam embassies so you can choose your favorite from there. It is strongly advised that you first communicate to the Vietnam embassies by phone or by email so you familiarize yourself with their application procedures and requirements as well as their associated fees for the entire process.

When applying for the Vietnam visa, applicants have to choose between visiting the Vietnam embassy in person and using the visa by post service. The visa by post service does not require your physical presence at the Vietnam embassy. However, it is not available in all embassies. You then have to confirm with your favorite embassy before trying the option.

2. Vietnam visa by online application procedure

With the online application procedure, you have to visit our website and meet the requirements. Here is a guide on how the process goes:

i. Obtain the necessary documents

    - Have a valid visa
    - Have two passport photos of yourself
ii. Visit our website and start the application

    - Fill in the visa application fees form at our website
    - Clear the service fees with us and follow our instructions
    - Wait for the letter of approval from us by email in 48 working hours
iii. Complete the visa application procedure

    - Visit the Vietnam embassy or the Vietnam international airport with your passport, your letter of approval and your passport photos.
    - Clear the visa stamping fees as required of you by us
    - Wait to be served with your letter of approval right there.

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