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How to get Vietnam visa for Bulgarian citizens


• Complete Name: Republic of Bulgaria
• Native Name: Bălgarija
• ISO-Code: BGR
• Capital: Sofija

You can seek your Vietnam visa from the Vietnam consulate by direct application or from the online agents. Read on to discover how to apply for your Vietnam visa in each of these two ways:

1. The immediate requisition strategy for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam consulate

As a Bulgarian native you can visit the Vietnam consulate in your nation at whatever time throughout business hours. Firstly, you will need to contact the Vietnam embassy by phone or via email so you might be educated on the different techniques and necessities for the visa requisition system. When you get completely educated you can show yourself at the Vietnam consulate in person to fill in the visa provision structures there.

Here are more contacts to the Vietnam consulate in Bulgaria:

Embassy of Viet Nam in Bulgaria

Address: Bulgaria, Sofia 1113 Ul. Jetvarka No 1
Phone /Fax: 963 3658

Office: 963 2743 or 963 2609
Consular service: 963 3742
Code: 00-359-2

To some visa applicants, direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa may seem an impediment. For instance, think about leaving your job duties and all your obligations in quest for the visa and most discouraging enough are the long queues at the Vietnam embassy where you are likely to spend your entire day. Furthermore, these direct applications can only be made during business days which means weekends and occasions are not included.

2. Vietnam visa on arrival with us online

Visa aspirants can visit our site to seek their Vietnam visa. We are an agent that helps you cover the first steps for your visa application with fewer struggles and lesser time. We coordinate with the immigration office in Vietnam to ensure you get your Vietnam visa on arrival as soon as your personal details are validated and found to be valid. Inquirers to the Vietnam visa will first need to fill in the visa application forms site online and pay a slight visa administration fee according to our directions. We will then send them a letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration office which should be printed to hardcopy.

The letter of approval is then introduced along with two passport photos of the candidate and their passport photos at the Vietnam international airport or at the Vietnam consulate. A slight visa stamping expense is charged to the visa aspirant and they are issued their visa to Vietnam in that spot.

Basic points to note:

Air travel visa candidates will need to show their letter of approval when boarding the plane and to the ‘Visa on Entry’ office at the Vietnam international airport.

There are international airports in Vietnam specifically: Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), ….., where only visa inquirers that land by plane will need to collect their visas from.


We offer our services online to visa aspirants who need to make their visa provision process short and simple at a slight administration fee paid at our site. We then pass on the letter of approval from the Vietnam migration office to them by means of email. The letter of approval is to be exhibited at the Vietnam international airport or at the specific Vietnam embassy that an individual applicant picked in the visa application form on the web. At last, the Vietnam visa will be issued to the applicant who pays the visa stamping

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