Monday, December 15, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in St. Helena

Vietnam embassy in St. Helena

    - Native Name: Saint Helena
    - ISO-Code: SHN
    - Dependent from: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    - Capital: Jamestown
Sorry, there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate available in Saint Helena.

As a St. Helena citizen, you need a Vietnam visa in order to enter Vietnam. You can use any of the following two ways to acquire your Vietnam visa depending on your personal preference:

    - A direct application for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy
    - Online application via our web services
Direct application to the Vietnam embassy

St. Helena citizens can acquire their Vietnam visa simply by showing up at the Vietnam embassy in person to fill in the visa application forms or by the visa by post service, in which they do not have to present themselves in person at the Vietnam embassy. However, there is no Vietnam embassy in St. Helena hence visa applicants will have to contact ones in the surrounding countries. As such, it is wise to first contact these Vietnam embassies by phone or by email messaging so you can learn the varying visa application procedures across all of them before choosing one. Still in this way you will informed of whether the visa by post service is available with them. For more information about the direct visa application procedure be sure to make follow-up via email:

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa

Aside from applying for your visa by direct application at the Vietnam embassy, you still can acquire one via the web. This procedure is about applying for the Vietnam visa through our website and online services. It requires your two passport photos and your valid passport as a qualification criterion. The following steps will then follow:

As an applicant to the Vietnam visa you will visit our website and fill in the visa application form you find there with all your valid details as required of you. You will then pay the visa service fees with us and there after you will get your letter of approval from us by email within 48 working hours. You will then present your Vietnam visa to the Vietnam international airport as an air traveler otherwise; you should present it to the Vietnam embassy you chose in your visa application form. Among other documents you will present include a valid passport and two passport photos as you finally pay the visa stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa at hand.

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