Friday, December 19, 2014

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Why Visiting Vietnam should be a thought.

If you are thinking of visiting a foreign and an interesting country, think no more. Vietnam probably is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are many reasons why it is worth for visiting Vietnam, but here are the most important reasons.

Easy visa processing: some time back, processing a visa to Vietnam was marred with a lot of rules and regulations. However, all these hassles are long forgotten. The government in bid to promote tourism, through the ministry of immigration, has introduced a new easy and fast way to get a Vietnamese visa within two days. If you belong to Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore and Laos you do not need a visa to enter Vietnam so long as you not staying for more than a month. Multiple and single visa entries applications are available. You may also opt for visa on arrival. This whereby you apply for a Vietnamese visa online and do all your payments online too. After a period of two days you get your approval letter and print it out together with two passport photographs of you, you are seat to go. When you arrive in Vietnam, the airport authorities, very conveniently, will stamp your visa! As long as you land in one of the three international airports, that offers the service.

Wonderful people: in Vietnam, smiling is an asset. Everyone smiling adding more beauty to his or her country. The people are also warm and very welcoming. Their way of life is further deeply rooted to the teachings of Confucius, which are related to good mannerisms like kindness, courtesy. The Vietnamese people seem to have bonded these teachings into their hearts; they follow them to the letter. We live in world of technology, where mobile phones seem to take 90% of our time and most us do not care about the next person. In Vietnam, the people whether they know you or not they will do what they know best, smile at you.

Nice food: it is only in Vietnam that you will find fresh vegetables, freshly picked herbs and fruits. This is to say that their cuisine is very tasty. Seafood in Vietnam is fresh too! At times, it is direct from the source. The French, particularly the use of baguettes, influence most of their foods. Their staple food Pho- , the different types of Banh or cakes and a wide range of Banh mi or breads.  You will not starve in Vietnam.

Affordable: having spent money on air ticket and visa application not to talk of your hotel room, you probably do not want to spend more money lest you run bankrupt. However, life in Vietnam is still affordable. This is despite the fact there are more tourist every year visiting Vietnam. One would think that this would make life be expensive. With as little as 30$ per day, you may get a nice hotel room in the capitals like Ho Chi Minh City as well as Hanoi.

Dazzling Beauty:  among the Asian countries, Vietnam stands out to be more beautiful. It is probably perfect, set apart with serene landscape, beautiful to the eye. One part of the country has beautiful beaches, while the other part has an array of magnificent mountains; which are covered with mahogany and other slow growing trees. Halong Bay is another breath taking world accustomed site remarked by the UNESCO.  UNESCO also has enlisted the Cham islands and Phong Nha bang caves. you don’t want to read only , but also see as well.

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