Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Brunei

- Complete Name: State of Brunei
- Native Name: Brunei
- ISO-Code: BRN
- Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
- Complete Name: State of Brunei
- Native Name: Brunei
- ISO-Code: BRN
- Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Embassy of Vietnam in Brunei

- Address: No 9,Spg 148-3 jalanTelanai BA 2312,BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan), Brunei
- Telephone: 2651580
- Ambassador: 2651586
- Code: 00-673
- Fax: 2651574
- Email: vnembassy@yahoo.com
- Website: www.vietnamembassy-brunei.org
Brunei citizens who not need visa to visit Vietnam if stay less than 15 days and will need to acquire their Vietnam visas if stay in Vietnam longer than 15 days. There are currently two ways explained here by which they can acquire their Vietnam visas. One way is by them making a direct visa application to the Vietnam embassy in Brunei and the other way is by applying online through our service. Read more about each of these two ways below:

1. Direct visa application procedure to the Vietnam embassy by Brunei citizens.

Brunei citizens can always contact the Vietnam embassy in their country anytime during working hours to find out more information about what visa application procedure entails. They can choose between presenting themselves in person at the embassy or by making phone calls or even by email messages. It is at the embassy that they will be informed and guided on how they can apply for their Vietnam visas along with the required documents and necessary payments.

On the other hand, Vietnam visa applicants do not have to present themselves in person so they can acquire their visas to Vietnam. The visa by post service allows them to apply and acquire their visas even when they are far away from the Vietnam embassy. However, applicants who choose this way must first confirm with the Vietnam embassy to be sure that the service is available since application procedures vary across embassies.

For more information about the Vietnam embassy, here is contact information shared to make your efforts to reach the appropriate staff much easier.

2. Online application for the Vietnam visa through our service

Brunei citizens who wish to apply for the Vietnam visas can use our services by making their application through our website online. All they have to do is visit our website and fill in the visa application form and clear the service fees with us. We will provide them with the letter of approval, which they will use to acquire their visas from the Vietnam embassy or any of the Vietnam international airports.

With the online application for the Vietnam visa, applicants will need to provide their valid passports, two passport photos of theirs and their letters of approval which usually is sent to their emails by us within 48 hours.

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