Monday, December 1, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Honduras

    - Complete Name: Republic of Honduras
    - Native Name: Honduras
    - ISO-Code: HND
    - Capital: Tegucigalpa
There is no embassy of Vietnam in Republic of Honduras.

As a Honduran citizen, you need a Vietnam visa in order for you to visit Vietnam. You can apply for one and acquire it if the process goes through successfully. The following are two ways to apply for the Vietnam visa as a Honduran:

    - A direct application to the Vietnam embassy
    - Online application through our services
1. Direct application to the Vietnam embassy

Hondurans can always apply for a Vietnam visa from the nearest Vietnam embassy since currently Honduras does not have one. Applicants have to choose between telephone and email as means of communicating to the embassy before presenting themselves in person to apply for the document. For applicants who do not want to show up in person at the Vietnam embassy, they can always use the visa by post service. This however does not work with all embassies as visa application procedures vary across embassies. As such, applicants have to confirm with their preferred Vietnam embassies before choosing the visa by post service.

2. Online application through our services

Hondurans can always use our services to get Vietnam visas without much hassle. The process entails the letter of approval which we send them by email, which is then used to acquire the Vietnam visa. Below is a step by step guide on how to apply and acquire a Vietnam visa with our service:

i. Get the required document

- Have your valid visa at hand
- Have two passport photos of yourself

ii. Apply for the letter of approval from us

- Visit our website online and fill in the visa application form availed there

- Clear the service fees with us and follow our instructions rightly

- Wait for the letter of approval from us which should be delivered to you email in 48 working hours.

iii. Claim your Vietnam visa with the letter of approval

- Present yourself at the Vietnam international airport or at the Vietnam embassy and produce your passport, you two passport photos and the letter of approval you got from us.

- Pay the visa stamping fees
- Wait to be granted your Vietnam visa right there.

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