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How to get Vietnam visa Grenadian citizens


• Complete Name: State of Grenada
• Native Name: Grenada
• ISO-Code: GRD
• Capital: St. George’s
Grenadian natives can gain their Vietnam visas by requesting them in any of these two ways:

• By direct application to the Vietnam embassy/consulate around

• By applying for the Vietnam visa online at our site

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa

As a Grenadian national, you ought to request the Vietnam visa from the closest Vietnam embassy in encompassing nations as there is no Vietnam consulate in Grenada. As such, you will need to contact quite a number of Vietnam embassies around to find out which of them offers most inviting terms since provision strategies are always changing across embassies.

After seeking all information and guides on Vietnam visa application procedure, you will need to visit the Vietnam consulate in person and fill in the application forms from there. Among other basic documents you will need are your passport and a pair of your latest passport photos. Then again, you may decide not to present yourself in person at the Vietnam consulate by selecting the visa by post option, which is cost and energy saving. You however need to contact the Vietnam embassy in advance to confirm availability of this service as not all embassies are in support of this option.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival requires one to have a valid passport and two passport photos they as of late took. With these two records you qualify to seek the Vietnam visa through our website. You then should follow on with the following steps:

Firstly visit our website online and find the visa application form provided there. Have it printed on paper so you can fill in the required details and finally have it scanned and submitted to our website in softcopy form

Clear the various visa service fees with us online as directed by our instructions, after which we will send you a letter of approval by email upon verification of your details by the immigration department of Vietnam within 48 working hours.

Print the letter of approval once you receive it by email and have it in hardcopy. It will then be presented along with your passport and two passport photos at the Vietnam embassy or at any of the international airports in Vietnam when collecting your visa.


• We send you the letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration office, a process through which we spare you all time and money you would otherwise spend in the overall, while only charging you a slight visa service fee that you need to pay with us at our website.

• Visa applicants are required to present their latest visa photos, ideally ones taken in not more than six months.

• Applicants need valid passports, which were acquired over six months ago.

• Only visa aspirants who travel to Vietnam by air ought to claim their Vietnam visas from a Vietnam international airport. The rest should make a follow-up of their visas from the specific Vietnam embassy they picked in the visa application form at our website.

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