Monday, December 1, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for Barbados?


• Native Name: Barbados
• ISO-Code: BRB
• Capital: Bridgetown

A guide on visa acquisition procedure for Barbados citizens

As a Barbados citizen you can apply for your Vietnam visa in the following two ways:

• By visiting the Vietnam embassy in person to directly apply for your visa

• By visiting our website online

Direct application for the Vietnam visa

In this way of application for the Vietnam visa you need to present yourself at the Vietnam embassy in person. You will be informed on the requirements for you to qualify as a visa applicant and also on the visa processing fees. You will then be given forms to fill in with your information.

However, direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa seems hectic as there is no Vietnam embassy/consulate in Barbados hence visa applicants have to find the nearest Vietnam embassy from surrounding countries to contact. The direct application procedure can be more complicated and stressful considering the following experiences:

• It takes a long time to process, it is costly in terms of money, and it is a complicated procedure.
• You have to visit and queue at the Vietnam embassy at least twice
• It is very costly for people located far away from the Vietnam embassy
• You cannot get a rush visa and the process is not applicable during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

To avoid all these experiences you simply need to apply online for the visa on arrival through us.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa

We are an online agent that works closely with the Vietnam immigration department in processing visas to Vietnam. We forward your visa application details to them and get your letter of approval on your behalf. We will then send you the letter of approval by email.

Online applicants to the Vietnam visa will experience the following:

• The procedure is fast, easy and very affordable.

• The procedure is executable all time including on weekends and holidays

• The visa approval letter is acquired shortly. You can use it to board a plane to Vietnam and acquire your visa from there.

How to apply for the Vietnam visa:

• Simply visit our website online and find the visa application form there. Fill it with the required information about you and submit it to the system

• Clear the visa processing fees with us online as per our instructions

• Download and print the visa approval letter you get from us via email within 48 working hours

How to collect your Vietnam visa with your letter of approval

Once you obtain your approval letter and have it in hardcopy, you will use it as part of your identification when boarding a plane to Vietnam. On your arrival there you will present your letter of approval along with your valid passport and your two passport photos at the Landing Visa Office at the Vietnam international airport. Finally you will pay a stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped in your passport and you can walk freely into Vietnam.

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