Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Solomon Islands

Vietnam embassy in Solomon Islands
  • Native Name: Solomon Islands
  • ISO-Code: SLB
  • Capital: Honiara
Sorry, we would like to inform that there is no Vietnam embassy in Solomon Islands.

As a legal requirement, Solomon Islands citizens require a Vietnam visa in order for them to tour the inside of Vietnam. Of all the visa application procedures, online application is the simplest and most convenient. It only requires applicants’ valid passport and two copies of their passport photos. With these two vital documents one is set to start their visa applications right away.

Firstly, checkout our website online and locate the visa application form there. As a requirement, applicants are supposed to fill it in with only valid details required from them. At this same website, visa processing payments are cleared according to the set instructions. We will then send all successful visa applicants with us a letter of approval through their email accounts within the next 48 business hours. You are then supposed to produce the letter of approval in hardcopy so it can be presented among other documents at the visa collection points.

When collecting your visa, the letter of approval should be presented to any of the three international airports in Vietnam or at the Vietnam embassy/consulate you chose in your visa application form online. Other documents to be presented along with your letter of approval include your two passport photos and your passport document. You then have to pay the visa stamping fees and wait for your Vietnam visa to be given to you right there.

Terms for applying for the Vietnam visa online

  • The two passport photos presented must be among your most recent ones the applicant took within the last six months.
  • Only air travel visa applicants can acquire their Vietnam visas at any of these three Vietnam international airports namely; Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai, Cam Ranh and Da Nang upon their arrival there. The rest of applicants should collect their Vietnam visas from the Vietnam embassy they specified in their visa application forms online.
  • One must have a valid passport that was acquired more than six months ago.

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