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Vietnam visa requirement for Svalbard


    - Native Name: Svalbard
    - ISO-Code: SVA
    - Dependent from: Norway
    - Capital: Longyearbyen
Municipalities : Bjørnøya, Hopen, Spitsbergen

Settlements and Stations : Barentsburg [Russian settlement], Bjørnøya, Hopen, Hornsund [Polish settlement], Isfjord, Longyearbyen [Norwegian settlement], Ny-Ålesund [Norwegian settlement], Pyramiden [Russian settlement, closed 1998/99], Svea (Sveagruva)


Vietnam visa requirement for Svalbard

It is our pleasure to let you know that you are required a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam Svalbard citizen.

How to get a Vietnam visa in Svalbard

There are two options to pick up your visa to Vietnam;

1. Get your Vietnam visa at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate:

So far there is no any Vietnam embassy in Svalbard; therefore the citizens should seek information from the nearest Vietnam embassy in the neighboring countries.

If it is so convenient for you to come to the embassy in person, it is recommendable that you apply a Vietnam visa by post.

2. Apply online to obtain a letter of approval to:

a. Get your Vietnam visa at a Vietnam international airport( this service is only for air travel)

The procedures below will help you to acquire the visa:

    - Correctly fill in your application form at our website as stipulated.
    - Make your payments with us according to our instructions (free service).
    - Get your letter of confirmation from our email within a period of 48 working hours.
    - Bring the letter along with your passport together with your two passport photos to your arrival airport in Vietnam and pay the stamping fee and immediately get your visa.
b. Get your Vietnam visa at any Vietnam embassy/consulate you choose in your application form.

The procedure for getting the embassy visa is as follows:

    - Put your details in the application forms located in our website completely.
    - Pay your expenses with us according to our guidelines.
    - Obtain your letter of approval from our email within 48 working hours.
    - Bring the letter of approval, passport size photos and your personal passport to the Vietnam embassy then pay the stamping fee and get your visa
Conditions to get Vietnam’s visa:

    - The validity of your passport will only last for at least six months.
    - The photos with the size of your passport are taken within the last six months.
    - The information in your letter of approval must be similar as that of the passport.

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