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How to get Vietnam visa for Puerto Rican citizens

How to get Vietnam visa for Puerto Rican citizens


• Complete Name: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

• Native Name: Puerto Rico

• ISO-Code: PRI

• Dependent from: USA
• Capital: San Juan

 Vietnam visa application procedure and guide for Puerto Rican citizens: online visa application process.

As a Puerto Rican citizen wishing to apply for the Vietnam visa online, here is all information you need before you start your visa application with us online:


• Applicants should have a valid passport that they acquired not less than 6 months ago

• Applicants should present their two passport photos they acquired within the last six months.

The application process

• Applicants to visit our website online and fill in the visa application form availed there

• Applicant to pay the visa service fees with us but as per our policy

• Applicant receives the letter of approval from us by email within 48 working hours from when they apply for the Vietnam visa.

Claim the Vietnam visa with the letter of approval:

• The applicant to download their letter of approval from their email and present it at the Vietnam international airport or at the Vietnam embassy and pay the visa stamping fee.

• The applicant is issued their Vietnam visa and walks away with it right there.

Point to note

• There are international airports in Vietnam namely: Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC), ……

• Only visa applicants who travel by air should collect their Vietnam visas from the Vietnam international airports. The rest should collect their Vietnam visas from the respective embassies chosen in their visa application forms.

• Visa applicants should offer valid information on their visa application form.


Applicants to the Vietnam visa by our services are required to accurately fill in the visa application form availed at our website. Following their application attempt we issue them the letter of approval by email which they present at the Vietnam international airport or at the Vietnam embassy to claim their Vietnam visa but right after paying the visa stamping fee.

Not all nations have a Vietnam embassy or even Vietnam offices which is why visa applicants from such districts need to travel extensively long distances while incurring upkeep costs throughout their stay while they wait for their time to apply and follow up on their visa application procedures at the consulates. This direct visa application service is all strenuous and prolonged while on the other hand the visa on arrival takes just two working days to obtain a letter of approval after which the Vietnam visa will be ready. The applicants likewise need to remain for a few hours in the long queues at the consulate as they patiently wait to be served. For aspirants who come from far off zones and sometimes from nations that don’t have a Vietnam embassy or office, they will acquire high expenses during their stay while paying for their accommodation during the 5 working days waiting period, which can sometimes extend before they acquire their Vietnam visa.

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