Thursday, December 11, 2014

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Vietnam embassy in Angola

- Complete Name: Republic of Angola
- Native Name: Angola
- ISO-Code: AGO
- Capital: Luanda
Here you go, please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Luanda, Angola

Address: Via AL4, Lotes No. 4-5, Talatona-Luanda Sul, Luanda, Angola.

Email: and

Vietnam visa requirement for Angolan citizens

As an Angolan citizen, you need to first acquire a Vietnam via in order for you to enter Vietnam. There are two ways by which you can acquire a Vietnam visa which are well listed below:

i) By making a direct application to the Vietnam embassy
ii) By making an application online through our services

1. How to make a direct application to the Vietnam embassy:

Angolans can always make a visa application to the Vietnam embassy anytime during business hours. They can choose to contact the embassy in Angola by telephone, by email or by presenting themselves in person to get more information about the visa application procedures and requirements as well as the associated fees.

If however you feel so inconvenienced by having to visit the Vietnam embassy in person, you still can succeed with the visa by post option. In this case you only have to confirm with the respective Vietnam embassy in advance so you can be sure they offer this service, since visa application procedures vary across embassies.

In case you have any information you want to share or put across about the Vietnam embassy/consulate in Anguilla, you can always us through the email address: We find any bit of information from you helpful and as such we will appreciate your kindness. We are open not just to applicants of the Vietnam visa but to anyone who wishes to interact with us in the spirit of sharing information. Simply feel free to interact with us through any of the provided channels of communication opened by us.

Below is a list of contacts that applicants to the Vietnam visa can always use to contact the Vietnam embassy in Angola:

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