Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Vietnam travel adventures

Vietnam family adventure

Family adventure is one of the best fun-packed tours that bring your family from mesmerizing Halong bay to magnificent of Sapa, from charming Hanoi to faded elegant of Hoi An. The trip offers not only the chance to embrace the highlights of the country but also incredible cultural touches to different regions with diverse activities from cycling to elephant ridding. The children will have a chance to learn about the unique ethnic minority group of the Sapa, in the afternoon, we will relocate to Ma Tra for a walk through lush rice terrace and secluded hamlets of Hmong people. The next day, we cycle into the heart of Muong Hoa valley, one of the most beautiful parts of Sapa, after descending to Y Linh Ho, we enter a dirt track to cross Ta Van then continue with the ride until the picturesque Ban Ho valley, where we will meet the friendly Tay people. Vietnam travel is the way to go and have lots of fun for the entire family with no regrets after. Those who might wake up early can enjoy the tai chi classes as sea birds sing their sweet song from the ever green vegetation’s that covers the limestone karsts.

Vietnam tours adventure

Sapa hill is about 1,600 meters high situated in the mountainous areas of the Vietnam northwest just to the borders. When on top of this hill, you will have an excellent and clear view of the surrounding’s. There are many ethnic groups who dwell in this region and purely dress traditionally. This trip involves purely walking through the valleys and hills of the Sapa region exploring many other ethnic groups on the way. Along the way you will encounter the panorama of rice fields in the valleys. The ethnic groups around this areas are the Giay and the Tay which are very hospital and with very unique hardship and culture. After this when you arrive at Laos, you can enjoy the elephant ridding and cycling in the mountainous landscape around.

Couples adventure

Whether new couples, honeymooners or old lovebirds, having a Vietnam travel as a couple might be the most rewarding and most adventurous experience you will ever share, and will bring you closer together than ever. Imagine biking through the valleys of Hao, hiking Sentinel Pass through the sapa hills, or just curling up under the stars in Laos. While any of our couple adventures packages could be the prefect deal for the two of you, the tours guides can be the ideal people on setting for the vacation of a lifetime for the two of you in a Vietnam travel. You areal ways welcomed and remember to feel free and call our customer are services for any enquiries and questions to plan and fix your vacations.

In summary Vietnam travel is the only thing you can do to you spouse and she will always remember you for that from the experience and adventure she or he will come across. You can come even with the family for we have everything for everyone and you will never regret afterwards.

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