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How to get Vietnam visa for Armenian Citizens


• Complete Name: Republic of Cyprus

• Native Name: Kýpros

• ISO-Code: CYP

• Capital: Levkosía

As a Cypriot citizen you have to request a Vietnam visa before you visit Vietnam. You can seek your Vietnam visa in these two ways shared below:

• By direct application at the Vietnam embassy

• By visiting our website online to start the visa by post service

The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa

Cyprus at present does not have a Vietnam embassy/consulate from which one can request the Vietnam visa. As being what is indicated, you will need to discover the closest Vietnam embassy around to apply from. Firstly, you will need to contact various Vietnam embassies around and enquire their directions on how one ought to direct his or herself when seeking the Vietnam visa with them.

At the point when requesting the Vietnam visa you will need to personally present yourself as an individual at the Vietnam embassy keeping in mind your main goal which is to collect as much information that pertains to applying for your Vietnam visa. On the other hand, you can apply the visa by post service when seeking your Vietnam visa. Visa by post service is convenient as it permits one to obtain their Vietnam visa without being at the Vietnam embassy in person to make a requisition.

Steps to securing your Vietnam visa on arrival by applying online through us:

In the event that you work under a tight calendar and can’t stand to disregard your employment obligations or can’t bear to go over and over again from your area to the Vietnam embassy, you may have to consider our online services. We give you a stage on which you are to apply your Vietnam visa.

Our online platform and service spare you from needing to line up at the long queues at the Vietnam government offices and additionally from travelling out to the Vietnam consulates across borders not to mention all challenges that come with that. Here you basically visit our site online and fill in the application form for the Vietnam visa as provided there. You will then need to clear the slight visa administration fee with us to have your visa processed and patiently wait as we send you the letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration office via email within 48 business hours.

You will then display your letter of approval at the Vietnam international airport upon your arrival there by plane or at the Vietnam embassy you picked in your visa application form in case you land by other means of transport aside from air. Air travel applicants to the Vietnam visa will need to present their letter of approval for their quick identification when boarding the plane to Vietnam and at the ‘Visa on Entry’ office at the Vietnam international airports. At last the inquirer will each show their letter of approval in printed form alongside their two passport photographs and their passports as they pay the slight visa stamping fee to get issued with their Vietnam visa right away.

Point to note:

The two passport photos that one presents ought to be the ones obtained within the recent six months while the passport is procured at least six months ahead of time.

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