Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Vietnam travel packages

For the few past years, Vietnam has become a world class attractive terminus for vacationers over magnificent packages to discover unbelievable sites from excellent surroundings of Halong Bay to SAPA of the UNESCO world heritage Hoi An.

There are various packages for different purposes to suit different individuals or groups that wish to have a taste of the Vietnam travel. For instance at Laos there are family holiday, cruise tour, luxury vacation packages among many more. There are at least 4000 highlands in the region which are so fascinating and attractive. All the packages have a price tag attached to them and they vary from the region of interest and the hotel and meals you will wish to stay in and eat.

Holiday packages to Laos.

At Laos, there are customized packages for both individual and group bookings. There private and luxury packages which are so gorgeous and splendid at a very affordable prices. There are also various geographical features that will always attract your eye sight. The mountainous terrain, extensive networks of rivers, cultural relics among others are some the features you will experience in Laos. We have beautiful sites for coffee and tea taking as you enjoy the cascading waterfalls in the Tad Lo and the Tad Fane Waterfalls. The UNESCO world heritage is beautifully maintained and preserved in the area for visitors who may come and feel its beauty. The atmosphere is also very cool and romantic also the elephant riding to mount ASA that overlooks a wide area of the Laos. In the evening there is a market for the handicrafts that comes to sell their products to the tourists.


The meals served are purely local unless on special request, both from the breakfast through to dinner. If you have any preference of the kind of food you will wish to have you are advised to do so early enough so as to a notice is sent to the restaurants so as you are always served better and how you want to. The tour guides will always order meals according to your appetite and choice.


Accommodation is a very vital thing to any tourist who wishes to have a Vietnam travel or any visit anywhere, at Laos the hotels chosen are always inspected to match your standards of three, four or five star hotels that must be comfortable and very clean indeed. The hotel staff must also be very helpful to help the tourists in case they need assistance of any kind.

Tour guides

All the tour guides are purely local residents of Vietnam and will take you to all the destinations that you will wish to travel to as planned and scheduled. Their role is purely to make sure you have an enjoyable a Vietnam travel holiday or vacation tour. They have good understanding of the foreign languages so don’t worry about the language barriers. The working hours are from Monday to Sunday (8:00 am to 22:00 pm)

For any questions and more clarifications on the type of packages available feel free to contact us and we will be very glad to respond to your requests and suggestions if any.

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