Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Types of Vietnam visa

A visa is a legal document authorizing a person from one country to relocate to another country for various reasons. This document has conditions that must be adhered to by the applicant. It must be given by a competent authority in the country in which the applicant is a citizen. Visa processing in Vietnam takes 5 working days. It also has to show the duration and activities of the applicants while in the foreign country, also it shows the territory of the applicants. For one to get the visa, it must be approved by the immigration department. On arrival the visa are checked by the responsible people and stamped before the visitor is let to go on with the intended duties and functions.

There are four types of this kind of visas.

  • Diplomatic and official Vietnam visa
This type of visa has no fee requirement unless otherwise. This kind of visa is only given to people and government officials going to work for their countries from the Vietnamese country. On application of this type of visa, the applicant must submit a letter from the concerned personnel of the local country through their embassy in that country. It does not have a validity period unless otherwise, in most cases the holder of this documents he/she surrenders the document after a recall from the motherland country.

  • Tourist Vietnam visa
This type of visa is given to an individual or a group of people visiting the country. The applicant sends application and photos to the Vietnam embassy. They are always issued for 30 day stay in their country after which the holder is required to leave the country and go back to his/her home country. One can decide to extend his/her stay in the country for another 30 days and after which he/she will have to move out of the country failure to which may lead to deportation.

  • Business Vietnam visa
Vietnamese business visa does not take so long before it expires. There are two ways to obtain a business visa; one is to apply directly through the embassy or to apply for an on arrival visa. On arrival visa is cheaper and saves on time and is the most visa being used by many people seeking to travel to Vietnam. A business visa only takes between a periods of 3-6 month; also one can get an invitation letter from a partner who is already running a business in Vietnam. Due to different procedures of issuing this vital document, the applicant must visit an embassy to get the required forms and fill them correctly in the presence of the officer in charge.

  • Vietnam Visa on arrival
This type of visa is one that is issued to a person without actually visiting the embassy. It currently the most used way to acquire this vital document. This document is picked at their international airports in their country on arrival of the applicants. The applicant fills an online platform with the correct details as they appear on the passport. Failure to fill in the correct details calls for applicants cancellation. This kind of visa can either be diplomatic, business or tourist visa.

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