Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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How to get Vietnam visa for Guadeloupe citizens


• Native Name: Guadeloupe

• ISO-Code: GLP

• Dependent from: France

• Capital: Basse-Terre

How to get Vietnam visa for Guadeloupe citizens

Guadeloupian natives can obtain their Vietnam visas by applying for them in the following two ways:

• By personally making a direct application to the Vietnam embassy

• By visiting our website online to apply for the Vietnam visa n arrival

The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa:

As Guadeloupian native, you ought to seek the Vietnam visa from the closest Vietnam embassy in encompassing nations as there is none in Guadeloupe. Therefore you will need to contact more than one Vietnam embassy around to figure out which of them offers well disposed terms since visa provision strategies vary across embassies.

After requesting more information on how to conduct yourself during your Vietnam visa application process, you will need to visit the Vietnam embassy so you can fill in the visa application forms from there. Among other basic documents you will need are your valid travel passport and your two passport photos from among those taken within the recent six months. On the other hand, you have a choice not present yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy by deciding on the visa by post service which is more helpful. However, visa by post service requires you to first confirm with the Vietnam embassy as it is not accessible at all Vietnam consulates.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival applicants

The online requisition strategy requires you to have a legitimate passport and two of your most recent passport photos at hand. With these two important documents you qualify to seek the Vietnam visa through our website. The following accompanying steps will then procedurally follow:

• Visit our site online to download, print and fill in the visa application and finally scan to resend the completed softcopy version of the application form.

• Clear the visa service fees with us exactly as per our directions

• Wait as we send you the letter of approval via email in a time period of not less than 48 working hours.

• Your letter of approval should immediately be downloaded from your inbox and printed to hardcopy for presentation later.

• Finally, present yourself at the Vietnam embassy or at the Vietnam international airport with your passport, two of your recent passport photos and a hardcopy version of your letter of approval to claim your Vietnam visa.

• Pay the set visa stamping fee to have your visa stamped on your passport and handed to you straight away.


We procure your letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration department on your behalf and send it to you via email within 48 working hours. With the help of our services you get to save your time and lots of cash that would otherwise be spent on trips to and from the Vietnam embassy.

Visa inquirers are first required to present their latest passport photos, ideally ones taken within the last six months.

Applicants should present valid passports – ones obtained at least six months prior.

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