Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Vietnam business travel

Businessmen and women who have interest in doing business with the Vietnam country must visit the Vietnam embassies to get the business visas. The applicants must possess a valid passport and submit the details of the passports to the embassies. The visa may be issued on single or multiple entries. They vary from 3 month to 6 month. The applicant is required to have an invitation letter from a partner who is already working in Vietnam else needs to possess a sponsorship. The letter must be signed and from a licenced company or business by the Vietnam government. Failure to possess the above may lead to cancellation of the visa thus denied to enter Vietnam. If the applicant applies through the online platform, the sponsorship letter is not required. He/she will have to pick the visa upon arrival in one of the Vietnam airports.

Requirements on arrival are, the applicant must have his/her passports which must be 6 month valid beyond the period one is to stay in the Vietnam country. The Vietnam business travel documents must also be showed before one enters the country. If the applicant had applied for on arrival visa, then he/she must travel by air and must land in specific airports in Vietnam. With this type of visa, the applicant’s passport must be valid for at least one month after the exit date. The good thing about this country is that they don’t ask their visitor to present their HIV status before one is allowed to have a Vietnam travel.

The photo sizes required vary, but the Vietnam visa processing, the applicant must look natural on the photo. There should not be any form of smiling or frowning when posing for the Vietnamese passport photos. Though sometimes they really take that so serious but applicants have to do the right thing. These photos must be not very old more than 6 months before application for the visa. They must be very recent and show the real face of the applicant. They be taken against a white background and printed on very good quality paper. The applicant must not wear any sort of accessories upon taking the photos. They must be also of 4x6cm 0r 2×2 inches.

If the applicant will not go beyond the airport upon arrival, he/she is allowed to enter the country and must not stay for than 72 hours upon arrival. Though they are always advised not to because some the international airports in Vietnam are small and cannot accommodate them overnight so they are required to get a single entry visa which can allow them to go to the nearby hotel and spend the night there. This is very important to those businessmen and women who do not wish to take much time in Vietnam travel. It is a cool option that encourages so many people to do business with Vietnam.

Security wise, the Vietnam government guarantees all the visitors who seek Vietnam travel documents security by checking everything that may cause any unrest to both its citizens and the visiting guests. 

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