Friday, November 21, 2014

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Vietnam travel services

Sometimes back in 2012, there was an economic fall but the players in the Vietnam travel industries played a big role to lure in many visitors when they decided to offer promotional on travel agencies. This led to the increase of tourist whom flooded the country hence boosting the growth in the economy.

There are so many modes of transportation in Vietnam. The most common ones are, train, busses and flight. The train is the least used mode of travel by both the locals and the people who come in for various reasons. It is very safe to travel by train as compared to any other means of transport. One of the biggest advantages of using a train is that there are no jams incurred along the way as is evident to road transport. Also a train has a time schedule for the day unlike road transport which does not have a specific time schedule on its operations. A train is much economical to both the operators and the users. To operators is that it carries many people on just one trip thus saving on the number of trips it could have taken a car or bus to transport the same number of people. Using a train on a Vietnam travel is somehow relatively higher than a bus.

Secondly the roads transport. This mode of transport is common to almost everybody. Here we use the busses and cars to move people. In Vietnam travel, there are special cars and busses to transport visitors who tours there. They are very much maintained and conditioned to suite their clients. The drivers are also very much trained and qualified to ferry these visitors. Each car and bus has a number of people who can board it at once. The two main cities here are Ho Chi Minh City – Phnom Penh can be accessed by bus. This costs about $12 per person and it takes like 6 hours of travel between them.

Boats are also used to ferry visitors from Phnom Penh to the border town of Chau Doc. The journey is roughly 5 hour travel which includes stop overs. The passengers on board are always asked to have some few dollars to tip off the boat porters so as not to lose their luggage when alighting or changing the boat. This is one of the biggest challenge with boat travelling.

Air travelling is the fastest and easiest mode of travelling. There are several companies operating locally to transport the passengers within the country. For long travels and urgent travels this is the only mode that can save a passenger’s time. There are many flights connecting the two largest cities in the country, Hanoi and HCMC, the journey takes roughly around 2 hour travel by plane, this an indication that the two cities are quite far from one another. Companies like Vietnam airline is one of the best and cheapest to use locally. Passengers are allowed to carry up to 20kg of luggage with a laptop and handbags for ladies. Another one is the Viet air which is a private company, for this one, passenger with luggage pay for them.

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