Friday, November 21, 2014

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Vietnam travel safety guide

It is said and believed Vietnam is one of the safest countries for personal security. Though as a traveller, you should also be aware of some things to avoid, especially if you want to avoid being in a bad situation during your trip. Here are some safety tips that can help you when on a Vietnam travel.

Always try and keep your important documents like the travelling documents in safety deposit boxes that in designated areas of the nation. When you arrive at your hotel, check if there is a safe located within your suite for you to store your jewellery and other valuables things you might be carrying. If there is none, call the hotel’s front desk or custodian and inquire if they offer a safety deposit box within the hotel.

Must you need to carry medical prescription during your Vietnam travel, then make sure that you carry them in their original packages, and include the original copy of your prescriptions. Wearing a medical alert bracelet is also advisable if you need one. Getting medical travel insurance is an option that you should not forget before you leave your own country. Remember that your local medical insurance may not be honoured in Vietnam as well as your other health insurance coverage. Larger cities, such as Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi have better standards of health care. It is possible to find English-speaking doctors in private hospitals there. Smaller cities and especially rural areas in Vietnam, may experience problems with adequate levels of health care. Luck of medical supplies, as well as qualified medical specialists often can be found outside of major urban areas.

Dressing code is very vital in Vietnam more so in villages, in the major towns and cities, modern attire is acceptable, but small towns are very strict about the way other people dress. Vietnam is a conservative country so too much of revealing your body may lead you in trouble.

Terrorism risk, unfortunately, is a factor that is present in any country in the world. In Vietnam the level of risk is somewhat lower, due to the country’s relative political stability, high border security and non-involvement of Vietnamese government in conflicts worldwide.

Violent crime, although it may occur, is not a significant risk factor in Vietnam. However, there is a moderate risk of petty crimes, such as pick-pocketing and bag snatching, especially in areas, frequently visited by tourists.

There is certain risk of flooding during tropical storms that occur from June to September in the North and South of the country, and October to December in Central Vietnam. The storms of severe nature affect Vietnam once in several years, while some smaller-scale, yet powerful storms may occur at least once during every rainy season. As you plan for Vietnam travel you must be aware of this risks and dangers.

For you to be able to drive in Vietnam, you need to have a local driving license. No foreign or international license is valid in Vietnam. For this reason alone it is recommended for short-term visitors to book and organize tour on a bus, or to rent a car with a driver, rather when attempting to drive a car in Vietnam by yourselves.

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