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How to get Vietnam visa for Bruneian citizens


• Complete Name: State of Brunei

• Native Name: Brunei

• ISO-Code: BRN

• Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Citizens of Brunei are not required visa for entering Vietnam if you staying in Vietnam less than 15 days. Would you please remember to apply visa for Vietnam if wishing for visiting Vietnam longer than 15 days.

Brunei natives can request their Vietnam visas from the Vietnam embassy based in Brunei or alternatively from agents online. Read on for more details into these two visa application procedures as shared below:

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy.

As a Brunei native wishing to visit Vietnam, you will first need to contact the Vietnam embassy in your nation. You can call them by phone, send them email messages or visit them in person with an aim to get directions on the best way to request the Vietnam visa from that point and the prerequisites you will need to meet. At exactly that point you will get to understand what the entire application procedure entails and thus can apply for your visa.

Here are more contacts to the Vietnam consulate in Brunei:

Embassy of Vietnam in Brunei

Address: No 9,Spg 148-3 jalan Telanai BA 2312,BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan), Brunei

Phone : 2651580

Ambassador: 2651586

Code : 00-673

Fax : 2651574

Email :


As for the actual application for the Vietnam visa, you only need to present yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy in order to fill in the visa application forms as part of the visa application procedure.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa by post option

As a Vietnam visa candidate you can seek the Vietnam visa through our website. At this point you will need to download and fill in the visa application form availed at our website and pay the visa administration fee right away. We will then send you your letter of approval in softcopy as received from the Vietnam immigration department via email within 48 working hours.

This letter of approval is useful upon identifying one’s self when boarding the plane to Vietnam and upon claiming your visa at the Vietnam international airport. Depending on which travel plan you choose, the letter of approval can be presented at the Vietnam embassy or at the Vietnam international airport landing visa office to claim your Vietnam visa.

Detailed explanation:

As an applicant to the Vietnam visa on arrival, you submit your information online with us and pay the visa stamping fee with us. We then relay the information given to us by you to the immigration department of Vietnam which then crosschecks your information with that of your passport. You will then be issued the letter of approval which will reach you through us and sent to your email within 48 working hours. You then can print your letter of approval and identify yourself by displaying it upon boarding a plane to Vietnam. You will also use it to claim your visa at the Vietnam international airport ‘Landing Visa Office’ and have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport at a slight fee and both documents handed over to you at hand.

Point to note:

• The two passport photos you provide should be among the most recent ones you have taken within the past six months.

• In preparation to applying for the Vietnam visa, you should apply and acquire your passport at least six months in advance from when you apply for your Vietnam visa.

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