Sunday, November 16, 2014

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Top Tourist Attraction Sites You Must Visit During Your Vietnam Travel

Vietnam is the best travel destination decision you can make when looking for a vacation destination. From their foods, amazing scenery, bio diversity, rivers and seas, there is a lot for you to enjoy and experience during your vacation.  Knowledge of the top attraction sites you must visit during your Vietnam travel is essential to enable you experience the best of the trip you paid for and deserve. After working day and night, your body and mind requires rest for future endeavors.  You must invest in yourself by investing in well deserving vacations to appreciate life more. Most travel tour services recommend Cu Chi tunnels that were used during war in the 1960s. The tunnels are amazing tourist attraction sites and despite the fear that will run down your spine, you will definitely enjoy them and the idea of underground tunnels. After a tour in the tunnels, you will unquestionably appreciate freedom that Vietnamese forefathers fought to acquire.

The town of Nha Trang is definitely the place to visit if you love relaxing under the sun, cycling in the beaches, scuba diving or love swimming. It has the best beaches that will make your Vietnam travel electrifying and relaxing. Phu Quoc Island is known as the principal Island in Vietnam.  It is simply amazing and undeveloped which enables you to enjoy the fresh air and scenery from pristine the tropical forest in the Island. Hoi An town known as a global port since 16th century is filled with modernized constricted canals and Chinese shops making it the best destination for honeymooners, couples or lovers. Fishing can also be done in the area as a relaxing activity. If you are fascinated by agriculture, Mekong Delta is the place to visit. The area is known as the source of agriculture in the entire of Vietnam feeding almost all of Vietnamese people. The area is filled with green plantations which are extremely stimulating. Boats are used more than cars in this area.

If you have heard of king Le Loi, Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi is a must go for you. This is said to be the place where King Le Loi gave back to the gods the magical sword. It will be an exciting experience for you to visit the place you have only read in books and have a relaxing time. If you are a risk taker visiting Vietnam, then windsurfing is a must try for you. Mui Ne is well known for Windsurfing and flying kites for both children and adults. The sand dunes close by will make you enjoy every second spent there. Your Vietnam travel is definitely incomplete without experiencing Ha long Bay. The bay is characterized with mammoth caves, floating villages which is fascinating to see and must go and jungle vegetations that are filled with different kinds of birds’ vegetations, and small animal species that are interesting to observe in their natural environment. Bamboo woods are hard to come by especially due to modernization. This is however not the case in Sa Pa town which is surrounded with bamboo woodlands hence amazing fresh breezes.

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