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Vietnam visa for students procedure and requirements

Your reason for visiting Vietnam may be to access the quality education provided there. With the world becoming a global village there is less limitations on where you can access quality education at a fair price. With this in mind you may therefore consider studying in Vietnam. For you to do this you must have a valid Vietnam visa for students.

Vietnam visa for students is normally applied for upon arrival in the country. Initially you may have to apply for a normal tourist visa to gain entry into the country. You can do this in two ways. You can apply for it online which is a faster and cheaper way. You may also opt to apply for the tourist visa by visiting the Vietnamese consulate or embassy in your home country which will take you longer and cost you more.

After your tourist visa is approved and you are allowed entry into the country you can now proceed with application for a Vietnam visa for students. This is a rather simple and straightforward process. You will have to first of all enroll for classes in the country. The easiest way for you to do this is to apply for classes in the local Vietnamese language. It is important to note that it is mandatory for you to enroll in a recognized institution. Hiring a private tutor is not an option.

Once your application to join a school goes through next you have to request the school to provide you with a letter or any formal documentation proving that you are a registered student at the school. A stamped receipt from the institution can also serve as proof.

After you gain proof documents from the institution next you need to apply for the change in visa type. To do this, visit the immigration office website http:\\www. once there select the “English” option. On the next screen select “Foreign Immigration Samples.” After that, click on “visa replacement, modification, renewal or length of stay extension application.” Once you access this document you will have to print it out and fill it by hand indicating your duration of stay, passport number and the reason for changing your visa type.

Next you have to take the request to the immigration department. You will need to carry with you your passport, two color passport size photos, and proof of study documentation from the school, your printed and filled application letter and the application fee. It is important for you to note that the fees charged for application will depend on how fast you want your visa but normally ranges from $25 to $80.

An easier option on how to get this done is by using a tour and travel company to make the application. Though more convenient you should however note that the company will charge you an extra fees for the service. It is also important to remember to renew your visa regularly depending on the intended duration of your academic visit. It is important to apply for the change early enough before expiry of your tourist visa.

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