Monday, November 24, 2014

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Vietnam travel guide

Many people come to Vietnam due to the beautiful and attractive sceneries in the country. There is a wide arrange of attractive scenes in Vietnam, from the conical hats of workers in the rice farms to the gorgeous bustle of the Mekong Delta.


As always seen on movies and other information sources that Vietnam is very hot and steamy, that may not be the case all through in the year in Vietnam. Every part of the year there is a good place with a good climate to stay in Vietnam. The weather changes from season to season and from region to region as well.

Most of the areas in the northern parts are cooler than the southern parts despite that they all fall under the same longitude. From November to March the temperatures are relatively cooler which forms the winter season and the summer starts from April. During the summer the clouds are experienced with some drizzles. The temperature varies from 17.2oC during the winter season. The mountainous areas are always relatively colder and the temperatures may come as low as 10oC for quite sometimes. During the summer periods, most of the regions are relatively hot and steamy. Temperatures rise up to 37oC during the months of June and July. Hanoi and the coastal parts of Vietnam have relatively equitable climates that are high in humidity all the year.


Security wise, for those planning for a Vietnam travel, there high security measures put in place for both the locals and the visiting guests. Though not purely safe but the current measures are good enough to protect anybody visiting the country.

Vietnamese foods

The Vietnamese are always proud of their nutrition meals with different flavors always appealing to both the locals and the foreigners. If you may not like their meals then orders need to be put in place so as to make sure that during the visit good meals are prepared for you and that is only done on orders.

Vietnam visa and passports

As you are planning for a Vietnam travel, one thing you must not miss is a visa and a passport. Without these documents, you will not be allowed to access the Vietnam country. The immigration department is very strict and does not entertain any nonsense when it comes to Vietnam travel.


As you put your plans for a Vietnam travel, don’t put in mind that it is a shopping paradise with expensive goods and products though you can still get some good things that may catch your attention.


Of late the transport system in Vietnam has been improved which includes the railways services, water transport and air transport. Due to the size of Vietnam it’s easy to commute using airways as compared to other means.


While in Vietnam, all the transactions that you may wish to make its all supposed to be done in Vietnamese currency not any other form. Any cash payment in local currency apart from when you wish to pay using your card such as visas and master cards.

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