Monday, November 17, 2014

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Vietnam visa exemptions

Visa exemption is a situation where an individual can get accessed to another country without necessarily having a visa to enter it. Not everybody can get accessed to this country without a Vietnam visa. Those who are given that priority get into Vietnam for specific reasons and for a specified period of time. The maximum number of days one can stay in this country without a visa cannot go beyond thirty (30) days, and the least is fifteen (15) days. This does not mean that anyone from any country can get a through pass. For this to take place there must have been agreement between the two countries and arrangements made. This kind of agreement has simplified the entry and exit procedures and check-ups of the visitors and investors. Visitors now only go through one entry procedures at entry points. One is only required to have a valid passport not less than 45 days old.

Some citizens with diplomatic passports from French are also exempted from looking for Vietnam visa to travel. For them, they cannot stay here for more than three (3) months of their visits. If they wish to stay here for more than three months, then he/she has to go through the process of getting the visa. The Vietnamese with valid diplomatic passports also enjoy the same privileges when they visit some of the countries whose citizens also enjoys the same when they travel here. Due to beauty of nature and other things like hotels and beaches, so many people travel in and out on daily basis. If somebody from out can come in easily why not them go out easily too?

The Russian government also made an agreement so as to waive its citizens from visa requirement. Just like any other countries, her citizens can only stay here for fifteen days only regardless of his or her visit. This has made so many Russians travel in and out with a lot of ease and very fast. The entry and exit procedures and checks have been made easy for both visitors and the securities that guard the entry points.

In the previous days, foreign visitors were also required to a Vietnam visa to enter some the most beautiful places in Vietnam. These places included, Phu Quoc among others. Those rules and regulations made so many visitors not come here because getting the visas was very expensive to get, thus making many people lose hope in travelling and exploring. Majority of those visitors who come here explore the deserts, scuba diving, fishing sports and others come for cooking classes by the Vietnam chefs.

Since the signing of this rules and regulations between the Vietnamese government and its counter parts, it has made so many investors and other visitors travel in and out without any trouble. This has led to the growth of economy of the country. This agreement has led to expansion of businesses and other social activities thus improving the livelihoods of the citizens as it creates job opportunities.

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