Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Vietnam travel policy

Sometimes unexpected circumstances do happen which may affect your holiday plans for a Vietnam travel, the relevant authority will be happy to help with your visa cancellation procedures and refunding your money. Below is the Travel’s General Cancellation Policy, if it doesn’t meet your needs, please contact them for further discussion. Once you cancel the services/travel products, you are committed not to use the booked travel products/services.

The Vietnam Immigration Department run on a refundable policy on all Vietnam travel Visa as they charge for the work done and not per granted visa, it is therefore important that should you wish to cancel your visa with for the trip or vacation, contact them immediately to prevent any unnecessary cost being incurred. Once your visa application status is put under “Successfully paid” or “Under processing” or an Approval letter has been issued by the Immigration Department they are not able to refund you the fee you had paid for the same.

It is authoritative that you issue them with all the correct information required for your demanded visa at the time of your intended travel cannot be held responsible for any visa granted incorrectly or refused entry due to incorrect visa information. Though every effort will be made on their part to correct any visa issues prior to departure, no refund will be given by them in the event of false or incorrect information you may supply at the time of issue. They strongly recommend that you check your visa confirmation letter against your passport and personal information prior to departure.

This visa is only applicable to air travellers only, so by applying through the Vietnam website, you agree that you will fly to Vietnam in order to get your visa stamped at their international airports upon arrival. We will not refund in case you do not enter Vietnam by air once your visa is approved, it’s only through a written cancellation notice either by mail or fax that will be accepted for authentication reasons.

The refund will be made through bank transfers or through your credit card, depending on your original method of payment that you may prefer. Additionally, although Vietnam travel authorities will instruct the bank to handle the crediting process as soon as notification of cancellation is received, it could take from 4 to 6 weeks for the actual crediting to take place, depending on your Bank’s practice and rules that governs the banks.

Once your visa has been cancelled; you cannot use the same documents to make another travel to Vietnam. If by any chance you may want to travel to Vietnam, then you must reapply for new documents and pay for them as required. You will not be subjected to hush conditions since you once cancelled your trip to Vietnam, it will be seen as a new applicant who wishes to travel and do some business in Vietnam regardless of your standards and status in your home country. Always feel free to check on their tariffs and any updated information that you may need in order to travel.

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