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How to get Vietnam visa for Chinese citizens


• Complete Name: People’s Republic of China

• Native Name: Zhongguo

• ISO-Code: CHN

• Capital: Beijing

Citizens of the Republic of China can request their Vietnam visas from the Vietnam embassy in china or from visa agents online. Below is a brief introduction to the two visa application methods:

As a Chinese citizen wishing to visit Vietnam, you will first need to contact the Vietnam embassy in your nation. You can call them by phone, send them email messages or visit them in person to get immediate guidelines on the most applicable approach to seeking the Vietnam visa with them and the consequent charges for the service. At exactly that point you will have grounds to requesting a Vietnam visa.

Below are contacts to reach the Vietnam embassy in China:

Embassy of Vietnam in Beijing, China

No 32 Guanghua Rd., Jiangou menwai, P.O.Box 00600, Beijing, China

 Phone: (86-10) 6532 1155 or 6532 1125 – Consular: 6532 7038

Fax: (86-10) 6532 5720



Consulate General of Vietnam in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China

2nd floor, Hotel Landmark B Bldg. North, Qiaoguang Rd. (Haizhu square), Guangzhou, Guangdong province, CHINA

Phone: (86-20) 8330 5911 or 8330 5916 – Consular: 8330 5910

Fax: (86-20) 8330 5915



Consulate General of Vietnam in Kun Ming, Yunnan provine, China

2nd floor, Kai Wah International Hotel, 157 Beijing Road, Kun Ming, Yunnan province, China 650011

Phone: (0086-871) 352 2669 or 351 5889

Fax: (0086-871) 351 6667



Consulate General of Vietnam in Nanning, Guangxi province, China

1ST floor, Touzi Dasha, 109 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi province, China

Phone : (86-77) 1551 0562

Fax : (86-77) 1553 4738

Email :


When applying for your Vietnam visa, you will need to present yourself in person as an individual at the Vietnam embassy to fill in the visa provision structures.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa on arrival

As a Vietnam visa aspirant you can seek the Vietnam visa through our site. This way you will need to fill in the visa application form online and pay the visa administration expenses from that point. We will then send you a softcopy form of the letter of your letter of approval as received by us on your behalf from the immigration department of Vietnam via email in a time-span of not more than 48 working hours.

This letter of approval should be downloaded and printed as it will be utilized to claim the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam international airport. This letter of approval will be exhibited as you board a plane to Vietnam and upon your landing at the Vietnam international airport.

At the time when collecting your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport, you will need to present your letter of approval in print form alongside your passport and a pair of your passport photos at the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’. The other documents to be exhibited alongside it are the two passport photos and your passport. Finally, you will be charged a visa stamping fee before you get issued your Vietnam visa immediately. It is important you however note that only visa applicants by air travel are allowed to collect their Vietnam visas from a Vietnam international airport.

 Steps to collecting your Vietnam visa on arrival from a Vietnam international airport

At the point when collecting your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport, you first need to present your letter of approval in print alongside your two passport photos and your valid passport. Hence you will pay a slight visa stamping fee and get issued with your Vietnam visa immediately. You ought to visit the specific Vietnam embassy you picked in your visa application form online so you can collect your Vietnam visa from that point.

Point to note:

• The two passport photos you present at the Vietnam international airports ought to be the ones you picked most recently.

• The passport you present upon collecting your visa should be valid and acquired not less than six months ago.

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