Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Vietnam family travel tour

Vietnam family travel offers family holidays to explore the remarkable natural, cultural and historical wonders in Vietnam. The experiences gathered will not only shape the minds of the young and the adult travellers who visit Vietnam, but will create the deepest childhood impressions for years to come. Family programs offers a variety of destinations from relaxing beach escapes, to scenic and historic journeys, to active expeditions, all with your children in mind.

The choice of limited housing and unique service will always make sure your holiday is comfortable beyond your imaginations and at a very reasonable free as it should be. We will always make your Vietnam family holiday truly memorable. Vietnam has so many things to offer a great family tour. Children will have few inhibitions and quickly break through cultural and language barriers, particularly in Vietnam where children are highly admired. The Vietnam family tour has been special designed for the needs of the family. Instead to stuff to much things on your family trip, we build the tour itineraries to be balance between: adventure, relax and fun and the whole family would have a quality time together.

Whether you‘re looking for stunning beaches, scenic world great natural wonder and cultural heritage for your family and yourself, for sure look no more, Vietnam is the place to be. Our Vietnam Highlights feature selective Vietnam family package tours for your family and yourself from one week to three weeks tours recommended by Vietnam Tours BN’s customers. Each of the tours is personally designed by our experience product team and sales people. All our recommended tours can be adjusted to be longer or shorter to meet your expectations and demands.

Halong bay is one of new 7 world wonders. If you gonna cruise this famously stunning bay, do it right. The Halong Bay Cruise collection offers the great selection of luxury, deluxe, and superior reliable cruises in Halong bay for your family to feel and enjoy the aroma of this beautiful site. Book your trip with Vietnam Tours BN‘s comprehensive travel consultant team to get the best choice for your family.

In HO CHI MINH (SAIGON) Mekong Delta the family will experience a vivid farming activities and the riverine life of the Mekong Delta can be seen en route. Take a boat trip from Cai Be along the mighty Mekong River and its tributaries to view the riverine of local people who work and play on the waterways of the Mekong Delta. It would be a miss if you do not visit floating market at Cai Be, and a family-run workshop making popcorn, pop-rice and rice paper. A taste of these local products with green tea brings us a great feeling in tropical weather. Lunch will be set up in a local house that located on an island, which is fertile place for different fruits and trees. After lunch, taking a short nap on a hammock under the shady garden or we also can do cycling along the village paths to enjoy the beautiful of country side. Lastly, the cruise will transfer your family to Vinh Long city where they take a vehicle to Can Tho – the heart of Mekong Delta.

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