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Vietnam visa requirement for Kosovo

  • Native Name: Kosovë, Kosovo i Metohija

  • Capital: Prishtinë
Districts : Ferizaj (Uroševac), Gjakovë (Ðakovica), Gjilan (Gnjilane), Mitrovicë (Kosovska Mitrovica), Pejë (Peć), Prishtinë (Priština), Prizren

Principal Cities : Prishtinë, Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjakovë, Pejë, Mitrovicë, Gjilan, Vushtrri, Podujevë

Cities & Settlements : Dushanovë (Dušanovo), Ferizaj (Uroševac), Fushë Kosovë (Kosovo Polje), Gjakovë (Ðakovica), Gjilan (Gnjilane), Istog (Istok), Junik, Kaçanik (Kačanik), Kamenicë (Kosovska Kamenica), Klinë (Klina), Lipjan (Lipljan), Mitrovicë (Kosovska Mitrovica), Mushtisht (Mušutište), Obilić (Obiliq), Pejë (Peć), Podujevë (Podujevo), Prishtinë (Priština), Prizren, Rahovec (Orahovac), Shtime (Štimlje), Skënderaj (Srbica), Suharekë (Suva Reka), Vitomiricë (Vitomirica), Vushtrri (Vučitrn), Zhur (Žur)


Vietnam visa requirement for Kosovo

As a Kosovo citizen, you require a Vietnam visa in order to visit Vietnam. Below are the two ways by which to acquire the Vietnam visa:

- By directly applying for it at a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate

- By use of the approval letter issued by us

1. Direct application for the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam embassy/consulate

At the moment, Kosovo does not have a Vietnam embassy/consulate. As such, applicants from this country should find the nearest Vietnam embassy/consulate from surrounding countries for detailed guide on what the entire process entails.

For those applicants who feel inconvenienced by having to present themselves in person at the Vietnam embassies, they should consider visa by post option, which is recommended and more convenient for them. However, they have to confirm in advance with the embassy to find out if the service is supported there since visa application procedures vary across embassies.

2. Online application for the approval letter from us.

You can acquire the Vietnam visa using our approval letter which is applied for via our website and issued by email. With the approval letter you get to undertake the following two procedures of visa acquisition:

a) Get your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport (only approved for air travel)

Follow the following steps to complete this procedure:

- Visit our website and fill in the visa application form available there.

- Clear the service fees with us as per our instructions

- Wait for your letter of approval from us to be delivered in your email inbox within 48 business hours.

- Submit your letter of approval at any of the three Vietnam international airports (Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh city, Noi Bai in Hanoi City, Cam Ranh in Nha Trang city and Da Nang in Da Nang city) together with your passport and two of your recent passport photos. Finally, you will only pay for the visa stamping fee to collect your visa at the Vietnam airport right there.

b) Get your Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy/consulate:

To get your visa this way, the following procedure should be followed:

- Visit our website online and complete the visa application form provided there

- Pay service fees with us as directed in our instructions

- Download the approval letter you receive from us within 48 working hours by email.

- Present your letter of approval, your passport and your 2 passport photos to the Vietnam embassy/consulate and pay the visa stamping fee to get your Vietnam visa right away.

Note: Conditions to get Vietnam visa:

  • Your passport must be valid and acquired more than six months back

  • Your 2 passport size photos should be recent, having being taken within six months.

  • Your letter of approval must offer similar information to that in your passport. 

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