Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Vietnam travels advisories

There is no nationwide advisory body in effect to give travellers advisory for Vietnam travel. However, you are advised to practice a high scale of restraint due to increasing petty crime affecting foreigners. It is not somebody else responsibility to tell you to make a Vietnam travel. Before you make such plans you are required to get informed on the current issues and information so as to make good decisions for your trip.


In most of the big cities though there are no serious crime reported, but there have been some minor crimes where the perpetrators use razors and knives to threaten and steal from the tourists who make travel to Vietnam. When leaving the airport always use the airport taxis or hotel travel services to avoid theft and other forms of crimes.  If on arrival you expect to be picked up, then always asked for the drivers name and phone number this is because there are some people who will pretend to be your driver and they will take you and loot everything you may be carrying. Remember also to know where you are going to avoid to be taken to a wrong place where you might be robbed off.

Credit card fraud

There are several forgeries in credit cards that are meant to steal your money. It’s advised not to use your credit cards in small shopping places and always to remain keen when doing your transactions. It will be safer if you get another credit card and load it with not more funds but only which you will wish to spend while in Vietnam.


They mostly occur in the coastal regions and in the waters. Yes there is the Vietnam navy that patrols but sometimes the pirates may use tricks to get to you and others while on the shore.


Be informed as you make plans for the Vietnam travel that there are accidents that do occur in Vietnam and in most cases lead to death and total deformation. The roads and cars are poorly maintained, the cities are densely populated and the drivers are driving recklessly so as you travel, take caution for such. In case of rainfall most roads become very impassable and night travels are very dangerous more so to foreigners. Regardless of whether you are a driver in your home country with a valid driving license, when you get to Vietnam and wish to drive you must get a Vietnam driving license else you risk arrest and prosecution for violation of the state laws. It is even better if you hire a car and a driver to avoid this arrests and prosecutions.

Food and meals

While in the hotels, never at any given time leave you food in the hands of a stranger even when going for a short call or whatever thing that may make you leave your table. Also don’t take or accept any kind of snacks, cigars or gums from stranger, this because they may contain drugs that may impair you thinking and even the eye sight. Remember also not to buy any drink from street vendors as the quality of the drink may be questionable.


In case of any emergency dial 113 for the police assistance, 144 for firefighters, and 155 for ambulance.

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