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Vietnam visa requirement for Bajans


  • Native Name: Barbados

  • ISO-Code: BRB

  • Capital: Bridgetown
Parishes : Christ Church, St. Andrew, St. George, St. James, St. John, St. Joseph, St. Lucy, St. Michael, St. Peter, St. Philip, St. Thomas

Town in Barbados : Bathsheba, Black Rock, Bridgetown, Hastings, Holetown, Oistins, Speightstown, St. Andrew


Vietnam visa requirement for Bajans

We wish to kindly inform Bajans that they are expected to present an adequate visa in they wish to enter Vietnam as citizens of Barbados

Getting a Vietnamese visa in Barbados:

Normally foreigners have two methods of obtaining a visa, out of which one is unfortunately unfeasible from Barbados. This is the usual method of requesting a visa via an embassy or consulate of the state you wish to visit:

1. Embassy- or Consulate-emitted visas:

These two institutes are the ones legally authorized to emit visas outside the borders of their represented states, thus being the principal location to apply for a visa. Unfortunately Barbados does not have a Vietnamese embassy or consulate. This way those who still wish to obtain their visas by personally going to either of these diplomatic offices must do so by going to countries where these offices exist. To those who find it unreasonable to travel abroad for a visa, possibly multiple times, can apply by post, or chose the online application method. If you chose to apply for a visa you should consider the reliability of postal services in your country, as well as the possibly varying procedures of different embassies or consulates.

2. Online emitted approval letters:

The approval letter which you can easily apply for and receive online will in turn serve you to obtain visas from (a) Vietnam international airports or (b) any Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate.

The general procedure is as follows:

- Fill in your application form online at our website. The data required are those in your passport. Please take care to transcribe them exactly. Going along with case (b) you should also nominate a certain embassy or consulate of your choice.

- Submit the form online. Note that this method is not free, and service taxes will also need to be submitted.

- Have the approval letter delivered to you by email. Standard period for response is 48 working hours.

- Print the approval letter and add it to you passport.

  • Please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months in advance.

  • Two passport size photos are also required, not older than six months.
a. Arrive to Vietnam international airport

- Bring the previously mentioned documents with you.

- Pay the required stamping fees.

- Be given your valid visa for Vietnam.

Note that this method is reserved for air travel only, and it applies to Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai and Da Nang airports.

b. Arrive to Vietnam embassy/consulate specified by you

- Bring the previously mentioned documents with you.

- Proceed similarly as in case of airport visas.

- A stamping fee is required in this case as well.

Although this method seems similar to the first method, it is indeed different, and it has added benefits. Instead of having to travel to a foreign country with the specific goal of getting a visa (and possibly several times), you can incorporate your application for a visa in one of your previously planned travels, and having to do so only once.

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